The Horror Honeys: H1Z1: This is Your Life

H1Z1: This is Your Life

A Zombie Honey Game Preview by Bella

H1Z1 (2015)
Dev/Pub: Daybreak Game Company
Platform: Windows/PS4

You’ve got your MMO’s (massively multiplayer online game) - which are basically just an extension of your life. Because, let’s face it, when I’m playing WoW, I’m not Bella Blitz. I’m Bellsangue, blood-elf from hell, and I’m hunting and cooking and eating - just like in my real world. Right? Right!

Then you’ve got your Zombie FPS’s (first person shooters) - which are basically fantasies of your life. Because, and be honest, very few of us are actually adrenaline pumping, ass kicking, blood splattering, non-human culling, survivalists. And, if you are, please say hi, because I would like to shake your hand… after you wash it.

So, anyway, it was only a matter of time before these two genres were thrown together and given to us on a platter of bloody wonderfulness. Say hello to H1Z1, a Zombie MMO that is currently available as an early access game on Steam starting at $20. I’m pretty sure I’ve paid more than that for expansions of L4D and I KNOW my WoW subscription costs more than that. 

H1Z1 is aiming to give you a complete sandbox experience, wherein you, and thousands of others, must align with/as friends and fight the undead to survive in the post zombie apocalypse. 

This is your life now, make it count. **Authors note: I’M FLAILING… I’M FLAILING!

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