The Horror Honeys: Zombie Buzz ~ Japanizombie

Zombie Buzz ~ Japanizombie

Zombie Buzz by Bella

What do you get when a Japanese actor/director/comedian decides to create his own zombie horror-comedy? Apparently, you get Z Island

According to Crunchyroll: “In Z Island, when a remote island is overrun by zombies, a motley group of survivors (including several yakuza, a nurse, a high school girl, and a cop) bands together to fight off the onslaught of murderous undead.”

This is good to know, because as with most Japanese media, I have no fucking clue what is going on. Although I’m pretty sure they called that one guy a douche. 

Z Island is known internationally as Deadman Inferno 
and will hit Japanese theaters May 16, 2015.