The Horror Honeys: The Walking Dead: S5, E14, 'Spend'

The Walking Dead: S5, E14, 'Spend'

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap from Lisa

Father Benedict Arnold.
The Walking Dead (2010-)

Well, there goes the neighborhood. Some hooligan busted Jessies owl sculpture. Seriously, what is the world coming to? Oh yeah, there are walkers outside of these walls and a Benedict Arnold inside of them. Father Gabriel needs to stop wearing his collar because it gives people like Rosemary the false impression that he is truly a man of God. Father Gabriel died spiritually and emotionally when he locked his flock out of their church and now hes proselytizing to Deanna like a madman. Anyone else hoping that the Rosemary who left strawberries for him is also carrying the spawn of Satan? Or, Ill take Rick and the red handled machete teaching Gabriel a lesson as well.

As Deanna sends Aidan and Nicholas off with Glenn, Noah, Tara and Eugene, one cant help but wonder if she knew she was sending her son off to the slaughter.  This supply run was an especially deadly one that brought out the best and worst in everyone involved. I dont think anyone was surprised to learn that Nicholas and Aidan were in the habit of leaving people to die, but what that meant for Noah was one of the most gut wrenching deaths of the show. 

All of the feels.
Noah being pulled by the feet out of Glenns grasp was on the same trauma level as Sophia walking out of the barn and Hershel losing his head. Yelling, dont let goto Glenn just before being torn apart by the walkers was so harrowing, especially because he was definitely speaking about the future for Glenn. Noah knew his time was up. He wasnt begging for Glenn not to let go of his feet, but to never let go of the dream of the future, to finish his journal that begins with, this is the beginning.

Glenn has always been an extremely solid, reliable guy and to force him to watch Noah die in such a gruesome manner was devastating. This entire scene was gory, emotional perfection. So much heartbreak was happening at one time, that I could barely contain myself and didnt know where to put all of the feelings, so they came running out of my eyes. Steven Yeun killed it in this moment with a perfect mixture of terror, guilt, anger and heartache.

The only silver lining to this shit show of a supply run was Eugene finding his testicles. You could practically see the wizard hand him his courage as he walked out of that room with Tara over his shoulder and took out the walkers. Eugene, welcome to the Ricktatorship.

Motherdick indeed, Abraham.
On the other side of town, weve got Abraham with a work crew and he is the only guy who sees the signs that walkers are nearby. Again, how is it possible that the people of Alexandria have lasted this long? They are a bunch of bad shots who have no problem leaving one of their own to die. What kind of man leaves a woman to be torn apart by walkers? Not Abraham, thats for damn sure. In true Walking Dead style, the woman that was left to die is a badass who isnt afraid to keep working her shift now that the walkers are gone. Perhaps Francine and Carol can start a cookie club.

The next Bobby Fischer?
We all knew Pete was a real dick, but now we know hes the worst kind of dick. Sam is a smart, observant kid and he knows a survivor when he sees one. He also knows a good baker when he meets one, so its a win/win for him to follow Carol around. She can make cookies and be the one to suss out whats really going on in Sams house. Unfortunately, even in the zombie apocalypse men are still going to drink too many beers and hit their wife. Obviously, Carol is going to go to Rick with this information, but Im not sure that he should be the one to kill Pete. Why cant Carol just set Pete on fire? 

With two episodes left, we all know where this is heading and it isnt going to be pretty. Rick and his people are going to be facing off with the people of Alexandria and I have a bad feeling there will be a high body count. Deanna brought the Ricktatorship in for a reason and I dont believe she is truly heeding Gabriels warning, but rather, trying to figure out how to not look like the one who purposely brought in a group of people that she knew would change everything. Deanna is smart and she has been doing a real Bobby Fischer on everyone. They are all pieces in her chess game and it looks as though shes setting Rick up for the win.

Tell me TV Babies, what do you think is going to happen? Should Rick be the one to take care of Pete? Does Deanna believe Gabriel? WHERE IS MORGAN? Contact me on Twitter and let me know.

  • Daryl has a new bike! Hope we get to see him before the season finale.
  • Aidan died a most spectacular death. That was straight out of Day of the Dead.
  • Maggies look of pride while hearing about Abrahams bravery was a nice reminder of who her father was. I still miss you, Hershel.
  • Where the hell is Morgan?!