The Horror Honeys: The Returned ~ American Style.

The Returned ~ American Style.

A Horror TV Honey Pilot Review by Lisa

They did it with Broadchurch, allegedly theyre doing it with Luther and now theyve done it with The Returned. America just cant keep its hands off of critically acclaimed international television series'. I never had the courage to watch the American version of Broadchurch, or Gracepoint as its called here in the northern 50, but Revenge Honey did and she was not impressed. Hearing that The Returned was being adapted for the English speaking, Walmart shopping crowd, I decided to fall on my sword and watch. 

Despite being almost exactly the same as the original French drama, all the way down to actors who look similar, some eerily so, to their French counterparts, The Returned just didnt seem to arrive from across the pond with the same weight as the original. All of the pieces are there: plot, acting, pace, tone, the subtle unraveling of mysteries and the quaint, mountain town, but its lacking a certain… forgive me, but je ne sais quoi.

Imagine a world where Twin Peaks was remade by Shonda Rhimes. Rhimes knows how to make some great television, but she would never be able to duplicate that very specific Lynchian quality and thats the problem with The Returned, but its the problem with most remakes and thats where this gets complicated. 

Despite The Returned being shown on Sundance and having a healthy word of mouth, most people missed this outstanding French show. A&E was smart enough to swoop in and bring a more accessible and readily available version to our screens and thats, mostly, a good thing. Quite frankly, I dont have anything bad to say about the American version of The Returned besides the fact that its American. I hear that there are people who cannot handle reading subtitles. Maybe thats who this is for and you know what? Thats just fine. If a non-subtitled version that is available on demand is what it requires for someone to watch this show, then Im on board because its a fantastic story. 

Only two episodes have been made available at the time of this review and as far as Im concerned, that means you can simply start watching the original one on Netflix. Though cut from the same cloth, the remake just doesnt have the same dreamy, foreboding feeling of the original and that is a big deal because its that feeling that is a character in its own right.