The Horror Honeys: The Premiere of USA's 'Dig?' Hoo Boy.

The Premiere of USA's 'Dig?' Hoo Boy.

A Pilot Episode Review by Linnie

Dig ~ USA Network

First off, I have to get this gripe off my chest before we get into the meat of the review. WHAT is with this new, network TV, hour and twenty-three minute run time? American Horror Story was doing that shiz all season and it chapped my ass. Either do an hour and a half show, or don't do it at all. With that being said, I watched the season premiere of USA's Dig and my initial reaction?

Oooh, you're sassy, I like you... Oh. You died. Nevermind.
The Story: One thing I will say for Dig... It does not skimp on the plot. By the time the first hour came to a close, I actually started to wonder if USA was paying the writers per plot line. Anyway, Peter Connolly (Jason Isaacs) is an FBI agent who takes a transfer to Jerusalem because he's mired in grief over the death of his daughter. Meanwhile, in New Mexico, a creepy cult lead by Gale from Breaking Bad is grooming a little boy to be... something. We don't find out in the pilot. Also meanwhile, in Norway, a young boy is raising a calf in fulfillment of a biblical prophecy, I think? Triple meanwhile, back in Jerusalem, Peter meets a young red-haired archaeologist who reminds him of his daughter, then promptly tries to pork her. But she dies. And then there is something with the arc of the covenant? Luckily, they brought up Indiana Jones, so I don't have to. Then there is shooting, and a car crash, and a rabbi getting really worked up over a chest plate and by the time the credits rolled, I forgot what I had been watching.

Do either of you remember? Nah, you were probably trading quips.
You know she's smart. She wears giant glasses.
I won't say that Dig didn't keep me intrigued, because it did. But it kept me intrigued for a lot of the wrong reasons. First, the female characters on the show are really badly written, to the point I chuckled a few times. Anne Heche is the stern but motherly boss who is also boning her employee, Angela Bettis is the dead-eyed sociopath who has no problem shooting a child (does she have ANY other setting?), Lauren Ambrose is the overly-permissive cult mom who fucks up immediately to further the plot, and that interesting red-headed archaeologist died so quickly I don't know what the hell her deal is. If I watch future episodes of Dig, it will be strictly to see if the women get better stories.

There is also an element of Dig that concerns me and that is that it is using Jerusalem as a set-piece for cults and end of the world conspiracy theories. Anti-semitism is still a very real problem all over the world (which is pretty obvious if you watch the news). I'm not 100% comfortable with anything that gives wackos more ammunition for their prejudices, but for the time being, I will trust that the writers of Dig have good intentions.

You don't fuck with the Holy Land. Just saying.
Just based on this first episode, Jason Isaacs is his usual intriguing self, and there is enough potential for some real archaeological history/intrigue, which is more than I can say for most of what is on network TV right now. So preliminarily, I'd say give Dig a shot... but just don't except the pilot to be all that deep.

Skeptical Revenge Honey Pilot Rating: 3-ish Awkward Swims out of 5