The Horror Honeys: SXSW Trailer: Ava's Possessions

SXSW Trailer: Ava's Possessions

If you're a follower of Horror Honeys, you'll know by now that I'm a sucker for possession films. And when I say sucker, your Head Honey means: "Why yes, of COURSE I'd love to help you deposit money in my bank account that you've inherited from the death of your rich relative! No, no, it's my PLEASURE your Highness!" kind of sucker. 

My trip to SXSW is packed FULL of horror films in various sub-genres, but Ava's Possessions was the only supernatural horror on the list that I actually cared about. 

Ava and her "Handbook for the Recently Exorcised"

Asking the question that I didn't know I needed to be answered, Ava's Possessions follows the footsteps of Ava, a recently exorcised young woman trying to "put the pieces of her life back together."

What *does* happen to the victims of possession after they are freed from the clutches of their demonic tormenter? We like to assume that little Reagan Teresa MacNeil goes on to live a normal, happy life, undamaged by the spirit that was snuggled up next to her soul... but is that actually possible, or does the stain of possession stay with you? 

Watch for my full review of Ava's Possessions, coming SOON!