The Horror Honeys: SXSW Review: Deathgasm

SXSW Review: Deathgasm

A Head Honey SXSW Review by Kat

Deathgasm (2015)

If you're a reader of this site, you'll know that my personal weakness for all things from New Zealand isn't something I try to hide. My excited realization that there were TWO Kiwi films in SXSW this year was palpable, and I was rewarded on both counts with utterly delightful films that I completely fucking adored.

After a few days of thinking WAY too hard about movies and what they were trying to say, I was ready to turn my brain off and have some serious FUN at a screening. While I missed the premiere screening of Deathgasm, its second screening was no less entertaining, and the crowd was fully aware of what they were getting into. Cheers, screeches of laughter, and mad applause were a constant throughout the film.

It was glorious.

If you're a fan of splatterpunk, horror comedy, and metal music... there's really NO WAY to lose with Deathgasm (watch the trailer HERE).

The story: Two teenage boys unwittingly summon an ancient evil entity known as The Blind One by delving into black magic while trying to escape their mundane lives.

As my Kiwi husband tells me on many occasions, growing up in New Zealand was balls. Especially for a long haired rock band member. Constant harassment, accusations of Satanic worship, and just general suckage was a part of daily life. Music was an escape, and the same is true for Brody and Zakk, two metalheads who form an alliance based on their mutual love of metal music, the Brotherhood of Steel (yes, that's also from Fallout, but whatever). Born from their friendship is a band they call Deathgasm which is rounded out by two unlikely members Dion and Giles, who are nerds of the classic DnD outcast variety.  

Brody and Zakk
Taking some cues from Evil Dead (the fact that the most recent instalment was filmed in NZ isn't lost on me, here) the fledgling metal band begins their journey to the depths of black metal by playing some sheet music found inside one of the 666 copies of Haxansword's last album (awesome band name BTW), stealing it from the batshit crazy hands of the lead singer himself. Unbeknownst to the boys, the Black Hymn turns anyone who hears it into a soul sucking demon, complete with "I'll swallow your soul!" utterances (!!). Also on the downside, a powerful cult is tracking the whereabouts of the Black Hymn to use for their own nefarious purposes... and on top of all that, Zakk has been putting the moves on Brody's girl. Sometimes, it's just impossible to have a good day. 

Please be sure to fill out your Demon Dental Plan forms on your way out. 
Packed to the gills with hilarious moments, fountains of blood, weird makeup fx (those demon teeth, yo), and the kind of endearingly witty and understatedly hilarious dialogue I've come to expect from Kiwi films, Deathgasm is definitely going to be on my list of MUST HAVE releases for 2015. 

Bonus observations:
  • There's literally nothing cuter than a guy in corpse paint shyly eating an ice cream cone.
  • My favorite line: "Well, that tongue wasn't made for Latin..."
  • Sex toys will never NOT be funny. Death by 'Rabbit' and a double dong bludgeoning are a hilarious addition to the action. 
  • A subtle homage to Event Horizon with some eyeball action.
  • The often attempted but actually achieved "Strong Woman" - two of these characters are featured in the film, and they are in their own ways Brutal as Fuck. 
Deathgasm is on the fast track to being a cult favorite, and if they don't release a soundtrack (on vinyl too, please) I might have a demonic tantrum. 

They were AXING for it.
Head Honey verdict: 4.5 demonic power chords out of 5