The Horror Honeys: SXSW: Manson Family Vacation

SXSW: Manson Family Vacation

SXSW is almost upon us... which means I'm literally in panic planning/do all the laundry mode. Another one of the films that I'm looking forward to seeing (and interviewing with), is Manson Family Vacation. As a true crime obsessive, the fascination with Manson and his exploits is hard to avoid. I read Helter Skelter at an early age, and have watched countless documentaries on The Family, and their crimes. 

Piquing my interest on several levels, this is the story behind Manson Family Vacation:

The Story (from their successful Kickstarter project): Nick Morgan is a successful lawyer who’s devoted to his wife and young son. His adopted brother Conrad is a wayward soul who shows up in Los Angeles unannounced. Although the brothers have never gotten along too well, Nick decides to show his brother around town. But as it turns out, there’s only one thing Conrad wants to do in LA: visit the Manson murder sites. So, the brothers drive all over town and out to the desert to discover the secrets of The Manson Family and themselves.

MFV is a story about people who feel lost: lost in society, and in their families, and in their jobs. It's about the strange ways we go about seeking connection in a complex world. And the ways we can ultimately redeem ourselves.

As someone who's personally been feeling a little... lost... lately, I'm more than enthusiastic about this film, and seeing all of this play out cinematically is extremely intriguing. 

Manson Family Vacation debuts at SXSW on March 16th, and you can bet your ass I'll have a review ready to go soon after.