The Horror Honeys: SXSW Buzz: Fury Road Sneak Peek

SXSW Buzz: Fury Road Sneak Peek

Last night I was fortunate to catch a limited capacity screening of George Miller's The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2) which had the film hipster distinction of being the ONLY 35mm film screening at SXSW. That retro tidbit was outshined by the fact that the director of Road Warrior himself, George fucking Miller was actually in attendance to introduce the film, and take a brief Q&A at the end. Cue everyone in the theatre losing their MINDS.

The Road Warrior was everything I remembered it being: balls to the wall action, stunts, explosions, beautiful shots of the desert, and Mel Gibson's ass in leather pants. Thank you, sir, I'll have another.

Seeing true cult films like this one in theatre packed with OG genre fans is the best way to enjoy it. Hoots, cheers and claps accompanied villain death scenes, massive fireballs, and amazing car stunts and my hands hurt from clapping at my favorite moments.

The ending Q&A was begun by Robert Rodriquez (yes, the director) who stumbled over his question and ended up babbling like he was a kid at a convention meeting a genre hero. It was wonderful to watch a genre heavyweight pay homage to a director/creator he admired. A few more questions flew by, and we were all eagerly anticipating something "really special" that had been teased before the opening credits of Road Warrior began to scroll.

Fury Road.

Rumors had been swirling around the genre circles that the 10pm showing of Road Warrior was going to blend into a midnight preview of Fury Road... Fast and Furious 7 had debuted unexpectedly the night before, so the possibility was actually there, which made us even more anxious.

Supermodels in the desert. NBD.
Sadly, that wasn't to be the case. However, we did get a sneak peek at 7 minutes of footage, and a first look at an extended trailer.  The footage we saw was from the 2nd part of the film. Max has been captured and has been chained to a fellow prisoner (Nicholas Hoult) Gladiator style. Escaping their dirt prison (Maybe? I'm guessing, here) they strike out into the dunes to find water, shelter, anything. What the find is an oasis of beautiful, Hollywood skinny women having what appears to be a wet t-shirt contest after escaping from a brothel, as you do. Thankfully, along with these sirens of the dunes, we're also introduced to Furiosa (Charlize Theron) a one-armed gladiatrix who kicks some serious ass, here meaning Max's, in a crazy battle that really utilizes the aforementioned chain to great effect.
The colors, mood, and intensity of the film are heart poundingly amazing, and being fresh off of our Road Warrior viewing, there were some obvious throwbacks and homages to the early films that were HIGHLY appropriate and well received by the audience. Case in point, the gun pictured above, was featured in a scene that directly referenced the original film. George Miller himself admitted that he hadn't realized that he'd doubled up that imagery until watching the film and the clips back to back.

I personally can't wait for the North American Premiere. In the words of my amazing SXSW roomie and fellow horror freelancer, Heather Wixson from Daily Dead: "It's going to kick all kinds of dick."

In the middle of the pack is the V60 Double Cadillac that George Miller says is his favorite Max Max universe vehicle.
Understatement of the century. 

Catch Fury Road in theatres on May 15th 2015