The Horror Honeys: Sleepy Hollow: Season 2 Finale ~ 'Tempus Fugit'

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2 Finale ~ 'Tempus Fugit'

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap from Lisa

Well Sleepyheads, its been a bit of a rough season and we were promised a satisfying ending with the season finale. As you may, or may not, know, Sleepy Hollow has not yet been renewed for a third season. This means its possible that this was also the series finale as well. So, how did it fare?

By placing Abbie in Ichabods time, we get a Bizarro Sleepy Hollow and this is more tiresome than it is amusing. Weve already been down this road before where a time traveler has to convince someone of a truth that is audacious and ridiculous. In the time of slavery, Ichabod is to believe that Abbie has come from the future to stop his wife who is trying to kill him and change American history. Sure. No problem.

Its great to see Ichabod in all of his glory in his own time period and it was especially fun to see him take charge on the battle field. It was also nice to see him taken down a little by his superiors and be as perplexed as Abbie was at the beginning of the series. 

Benjamin Franklins wacky behavior and attitude finally paid off by being the one man who was excited to meet an educated, well spoken woman of the law from the future and not seem crazy for immediately embracing her. Really, would you expect anything less from this guy? Well, I definitely did not expect to see him decapitated by the horseman, but it was fun to see Abraham and Ichabod duel it out again.

RIP Ben Franklin... uh... again?
As much as I had hoped that switching the time periods would be fun, it just felt drawn out. It became exasperating waiting for Ichabod to come to the realization that Abbie was telling the truth and Katrina was not. We knew how this all had to go and that left little to no suspense. 

Seriously, with the tunnels? Were there more than 24 hours in a day in the 1700s because they sure did get A LOT done. Wait. Perhaps the tunnels were created by aliens. That would actually be a more plausible explanation. Potential season three storyline?

As expected, Abbie and Ichabod defeated Katrina and The Horseman with the help of Abbies ancestor and we were treated to a mini montage of everything that has happened on the series. You know, just in case there are no future episodes. Katrinas character had worn out her welcome so long ago that watching Ichabod kill her was nowhere near as tragic as it should have been. Again, it just felt like another thing thats been a long time coming. 

As our season ends wrapped up in a nice, tidy bow and with a lovely reunion of the four main characters, we are all left uncertain of the fate of Sleepy Hollow and, therefore, this was a perfect ending in the sad case that this is the final episode. Despite harboring mixed feelings towards this season, I would be sorely disappointed if Sleepy Hollow does not return for a third season. 


Love, love, love that on Sleepy Hollow, Abbie is officially the first woman to wear trousers. Move over Katherine Hepburn, theres a new sheriff in town.

Definitely not enough time spent with Abbies ancestor. That felt like a missed opportunity.

How cool is it that two women of color are the ones with the power to alter history? Sleepy Hollow is a great example of a show that embraces the power of women.

Sleepyheads, lets keep showing our support for the show and continue to demand the renewal of Sleepy Hollow because lets face it. Lots of us are guilty of a less than spectacular sophomore session.