The Horror Honeys: Saturday Gamer Jam ~ 'Reckless'

Saturday Gamer Jam ~ 'Reckless'

Looks like this is the end 
I don't wanna live again 
Down and out without a light 
my eyes burn and will ignite 
I might just be out of luck 
but I will run this place amok 
crush the dead like a semi-dead 
fight until the bitter end 
fight until I am condemned 
I stand unbent

I don't know much about The Spin Wires... But what I do know, is that their song "Reckless" is featured in the trailer for a game that I didn't expect to ever hit a console in full form... Kill All Zombies. I could honestly care less about the game. !hen I played it in miniature test form, it was frustratingly annoying in its tidal wave horde style game play... add to that the fact that full game has a super annoying premise, whomp whomp. BUT - What caught my attention about the trailer, and made me play it over and over about 3 times was the catchy as fuck song playing in the background. West Coast dance punk from a Buffalo NY band? Yes please. I dare you not to feel nostalgic for Sublime and The Offspring while listening to this... over and over and over again. ~ HH