The Horror Honeys: Monday Honey Jam - 'Murder by Numbers'

Monday Honey Jam - 'Murder by Numbers'

Because murder is like anything you take to
It's a habit-forming need for more and more
You can bump off every member of your family
And anybody else you find a bore

This last track of The Police's classic album, Synchronicity, is a perfect example of how pretty much anything can sound toe-tapping and pleasing when it's wrapped up in a melody by Andy Summers. Sting's lyrics draw attention to the ease in which leaders can turn into dictators, and often by extension, murderers. But there is a certain hip-swinging vibe to the initially unreleased song that would make it the perfect background music for a slick murder scene. And we can go ahead and just pretend that a terrible movie starring Sandra Bullock never ripped off the title. Yup. Never happened. ~RH