The Horror Honeys: iZombie = iDon'tCare

iZombie = iDon'tCare

A Horror TV Honey Series Premiere Overview by Lisa

iZombie (2015) - CW Network

Based, loosely, on the comic of the same name from Chris Robertson and Michael Allred, iZombie comes to television courtesy of Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright. Airing on the CW network which has quietly become the go to place for engaging horror, fantasy, sci-fi and comic book shows, its right at home with Supernatural, The Flash and Vampire Diaries. 

Basically, our sassy, icy blonde with perfectly slept in smokey eye makeup is actually a zombie. Liv used to be a medical resident with a perfect life and then she went to a boat party where a drug called Utopian causes people to go cray-cray and she ends up among the living dead. Guess thats why her name is Liv. (Thats not annoying at all.) Choosing to go into an afterlife slump, Liv distances herself from her perfect fiancé and begins working as a coroners assistant instead of continuing her residency. Conveniently, our coroner, Ravi, is not only young, handsome, charming and armed with an amazing head of hair, but he also knows Livs secret and is quite excited about it. All the easier for Liv to take bits of brains from the residents of the morgue because its the only thing she craves. 

When consuming brain matter from an individual, Liv also consumes some of their memories and personality traits and this is where her unlikely partnership with a Seattle detective comes in. Detective Babinaux is only mildly weirded out by Livs psychic abilitiesand chooses to take her along with him so she can supplement his investigative skills. Im not sure when it became completely acceptable for detectives to have wacky sidekicks, but it has become an annoyingly convenient plot device rather than a truly unique addition to a fun story. If I didnt know any better, I would think that modern police departments are nothing without their zombies, novelists, socially inept forensic scientists, mentalists or men who have time traveled from the civil war era and this is precisely where apathy sets in for me. 

Actually, Blaine is a name, not an appliance.
Rose McIver does a wonderful job of balancing depression with sassiness and she rocks that platinum wig like nobodys business. Malcolm Goodwin plays Clive Babinaux with the expected mix of tough, but gentle and Rahul Kohl is simply sublime as the comedy relief. If all coroners look and speak like Ravi, consider me enrolled in medical school. Lets not forget our token baddie. David Anders is the drug dealing dummy who brought Liv to her current biological situation and he, too, is a zombie. Going by the name of Blaine DeBeers.. everyone say it with me, Blaine?! His name is Blaine? Thats a major appliance, its not a name!he seems to be playing the zombie version of his character from The Vampire Diaries and thats not necessarily a bad thing, but it doesnt feel new and exciting either. 

Full disclosure, I had negative interest in iZombie until I found out that it was courtesy of Rob Thomas. Veronica Mars is one of the most under-seen and under-rated television shows of the last ten years and iZombie is very similar, but it just doesnt have the same kick as its predecessor. All of the ingredients are there and they are all high quality, but for this TV Baby, Liv, Ravi, Babinaux and Blaine are just not Veronica, Wallace, Logan and Weevil. iZombie is a fun, quirky crime procedural with a smart female lead and some genuinely lovely male counterparts, but it s just more of the same. I just as soon revisit Veronica Mars if I want to watch a plucky blonde solve peculiar crimes while juggling family, friends and a disappointing love life.

I just want to run my fingers through Ravi's hair. 

I do like Liv's overall look.
  • If you covet the hair color of Liv, Daenerys or Elsa, just buy a wig. Trust me on this. I just saved you a lot of time, money and hair damage.
  • If you dont know where the Blaine quote is from, we are no longer friends.
  • Did I mention that Veronica Mars is a much better representation of what Rob Thomas can do?