The Horror Honeys: #IndieMCM ~ 6/6/6 with Andrew Shearer

#IndieMCM ~ 6/6/6 with Andrew Shearer

A Guest Honey 6/6/6 Interview by Tonjia Atomic


Andrew Shearer is a film aficionado and the genius behind the art collective Gonzoriffic. He's been making his own indie films since grade school. Somehow this busy filmmaker/critic/husband/father/writer/artist/actor had the time to sit down and answer some questions for me.   

1. First of all, tell us a little about what Gonzoriffic is all about.
Gonzoriffic turns 14 this year, and it's going through this highly unpredictable experimental phase right now. Its core values remain the same as always, though: to produce original little movies that focus on progressive, audacious stories about female characters. Anyone in the crew is free to write, direct and star in anything they come up with as long as it stays true to the mission. Since so many people seem to find feminism scary, I don't even think the genre necessarily even needs to be horror. But we're self-funded, so no one gets to tell us what to do, and I think that makes us even scarier.

2. How did you first become interested in filmmaking?
I come from a movie-obsessed family, so I grew up in theaters and drive-ins. My aunt had a VHS camcorder, and I took every opportunity to get my hands on it. After she was done filming whatever holiday dinner we were having, I'd round up my brother and my cousins and quickly come up with some plot to shoot in the house or the yard. I didn't really care as much about the end product as I did just doing it. And of course, my parents were just happy to know where I was. Eventually, I taught myself to edit using two VCRs, but my obsession was always creative rather than technical. I was just excited to do more.

3. Tell us about your daughter and her first film.
My father passed away when my daughter was only 6 months old, but he gave me some of the best advice I could ever ask for. "If she reaches for the camera, give it to her, even if all she does is drool on it." Sure enough, anytime I'd go to film her, she'd reach out, so I did as directed. The footage we got back was kind of what you'd expect at first (just her hand or the floor), but once she began to walk, the clips got more interesting. Eventually, she did one that was just super creepy, so I put scary music to it and it totally worked. We called it "Shearer Terror" and showed it in a theatre at last year's Gonzoriffic film fest.

4. Tell us about your first film.
The first movie I completed was "Ninja Crazy", made sometime in 1990. Holy crap, that's 25 years ago. Ok, so, it was about a detective hired to go find a drunk old grandpa, but he ends up getting captured by this martial arts gang lead by a dude in an ALF mask. Back then, I felt like having scripts would ruin the magic, so nothing was written down. I just told the actors what the scene was and gave them their lines right before I hit the record button. I did it this way for years, actually. 2002's "Cannibal Sisters" was the first movie I made that actually had a script.

5. What kind of gorilla wears a bikini?
Bikini Gorillaaa-ha! Man, that's catchy. And sexy. Can I go get a banana right quick?

6. What's been the most fun project to work on and why?
"Berry Scary" from 2010. Right now, I feel like I'm making the best stuff of my entire life, but that one is always going to be really special to me. Mia Mayo, creator of our horror cooking show "I Spit On Your Gravy", was at my house to do a completely different movie. We ended up having to scrap our plan and come up with another in one night, and ended up having her run around in her underwear being chased by a plastic ghost. No script, no questions, all magic. It was a lot like the old days. Next thing we knew, we had a movie. The whole thing was finished in under 24 hours.

List 6 of your favorite bands from high school years.
Bikini Kill, Cub, A Tribe Called Quest, The Lemonheads, Wu Tang Clan and Neil Young. I think Ol Dirty Bastard is the only one who isn't still around for the package tour. Tickets would probably cost more than I paid to see all those bands combined.

List 6 things about your next project. 
Capes. Panties. Smoke machine. Sex. Witches. Giant spider.

Tonjia Atomic is a frequent Guest Honey contributor and is a filmmaker, musician, and freelance writer. You can find out more about her at or connect at Twitter!