The Horror Honeys: Horror Honey Interview: Amanda Adrienne from AVENGED

Horror Honey Interview: Amanda Adrienne from AVENGED

Amanda Adrienne, the star of Avenged took some time to chat with us about the upcoming release of this unique revenge horror film. You can check out the Revenge Honey's review of the film HERE and listen to our podcast with the director and producer HERE.

After a title change and now with a new release date taking place so long after filming, how are you feeling about coming back to connecting with Zoe?

It's exciting, I feel like I've been waiting for the US release forever, so it's cool to revisit the memories [from filming].

Can you talk about the filming process, it's very stressful to watch you go through the action of the film, can you tell us how you got prepared and what actually went into bringing Zoe to life. 

I auditioned for the part in 2010, and then we shot a trailer, and then shot the actual feature in 2012, so I had a long time in between to prepare. For the physical stuff, I did WuShu training for 9 months, and archery lessons and working with Michael (dir. Michael Ojeda) and the stunt team for the different choreography. I read a lot, i journaled a lot, I just tried to get my hands on anything that could inform the character online - Native American stuff, anything on Mangas Coloradas, and then being deaf.

Zoe is such an overwhelmingly sympathetic character, what kind of feedback have you been getting from people about this role?

I feel like people have a strong reaction one way or another. Those people that really love it, they love love love it. Like on my FB page, on my instagram on my twitter, with people professing their love for the character. It's pretty cool because I feel like I put so much of my heart and soul into it so it's a nice reflection back of the passion I have for the role. 

From an emotional standpoint, what was it like doing some of those scenes? How did it feel to actually embody those particular scenes, especially the initial attack and having to embody the spirit of the male Apache warrior?

Honestly, it's kind of like a weird dream space for me to even reflect on. You do all of this preparation before and then you just try to let it go and be in the moment, I was surrounded by a really great cast which helped a lot. There were definitely tense moments and I felt that for the rape scene in particular everyone was much more somber day on set, and everyone, especially the crew was more protective and sensitive to it. I just tried to let go and let it happen, so it's not something I really get too hung up on, but I wanted to do well and serve the character and story. 

How did it feel to play a deaf character, have you had any experience with anyone in the deaf community prior to this role?

I hadn't prior to the movie, so I did a lot of research and watched a lot of MTV True Life and Deaf which was really helpful and there are a lot of blogs that I read, and a pilot reality show of a whole family that was deaf, and then Sarah who plays my sister in the movie, her dad is deaf and she knows sign language, so she was a good resource for me on set and helped coach me.

Have you gotten any feedback from the Deaf Community at all about the role?

Well I have gotten feedback where people actually think I might actually be deaf, which is wonderful because I was so paranoid that I was going to fuck this up. It's cool to have people wonder if I actually am. I haven't gotten any feedback from the deaf community perse. 

What are you working on now? 

I've done a couple of short films, and then I've been writing a feature film that Im' hoping to eventually get made. It's about a young married woman who's been on medication for too many years, and it's set in 1994 in Minneapolis and she kind of reclaims her life and discovers her voice again through a relationship with an 18-yr old mourning the death of Kurt Cobain. It's definitely a drama for sure, but there are definitely dark humour bits in it.

As Avenged is a revenge film, are there any parts of the film that you watched and thought to yourself "yeah… I'd totally do that"?

The end fight scene that I have with Rod, I thought "WOW, I look SO badass!" When you're shooting it obviously you're channeling the energy to mess this guy up, I think the way Michael cut it and edited it with the music is the movie magic part and it's really cool to see it come together with his vision. 

Fan art of Amanda as Zoe
Avenged is your first horror film, did you like working on a horror film, would you do horror films again?

Yeah! It was a trip! I was honestly not much of a horror fan before I did the movie, but after I did it, I have a new fascination for it. So, if the project was cool and the character was exciting, for sure. 

Have you been watching more horror movies lately?

Not so much movies, but I'm totally obsessed with Hannibal. Mads Mikkelsen is so great. 

Do you have a dream role that you have at this point? Horror or anything?

Right now, the role I wrote, because I've never tried to get a movie made, so to me it's like the dream to get it made. But otherwise, there are so many cool girls out there that it's hard to pinpoint a dream role at this point.

Avenged will be available in a limited theatrical run from March 6-12th in LA and will be released on VOD March 6th, and on DVD/Blu Ray April 21st!