The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ You've passed EX MACHINA's test

Honey Buzz ~ You've passed EX MACHINA's test

Sci-Fi Thriller, Ex Machina  had its world premiere last night as a part of SXSW's genre programming, and while the film in and of itself is utterly stunning, an unexpectedly amazing marketing campaign that goes along with it, is nothing short of brilliant.

As Ex Machina explores a unique twist on the Turing Test, the creators of Ex Machina have been executing tests of their own... on Tinder users. I promise never to type this ever again, but what happens after the jump, made my day.

Tinder users at the SXSW festival on Saturday were encountering an attractive 25-year-old woman named Ava on the dating app. A friend of ours made a match with her, and soon they were having a conversation over text message. 

Ava's Instagram links up to the website for the film, and according to AdWeek, the young man engaging in this conversation "found the whole thing impressively deceptive and shared it with others. But he was also a little crestfallen. It "toyed with my emotions so hard," he says."

You've been catfished, my friend.

Also, I automatically love Ex Machina about a million times more right now.

(Source: ADWEEK)