The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Watch People ALMOST Die in Roar Trailer!

Honey Buzz ~ Watch People ALMOST Die in Roar Trailer!

A few weeks back, I brought you this excited buzz regarding the Drafthouse release of cult movie white whale, Roar. My excitement in the following days hasn't wained, but now we have a TRAILER to up the ante even more!

However, I will say... the trailer does utilize some shady language to avoid a very real truth about Roar. And it bothers me. But we can discuss that after you watch the trailer below...

So... the statement that lions Robbie and Togar were "completely unharmed" is actually a bit of semantic trickery. Robbie the lion was shot to death by law enforcement after a flood wiped out the set and threatened to let the lions loose on the surrounding area. Robbie would NOT have been in that situation had Tippi Hedren and Noel Marshall not brought the animals to live on their property with the intention of filming another Born Free. So no, the lions may not have been harmed "during filming," but if you prefer a heaping helping of truth with your main course, you should probably know that the human idiots... I mean actors... weren't the only ones hurt because of Roar.

Will I watch Roar? Absolutely. I've been waiting to see this movie for decades, and I think it offers a teachable moment about using wild animals in cinema when they would rather just be wild animals. But will I forget that many of the wild cats in Roar died so Tippi Hedren could complete this vanity project?