The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ SXSW Trailer: HANGMAN

Honey Buzz ~ SXSW Trailer: HANGMAN

If you've ever had your home broken into, there's no really coherent way to describe how it feels when you see your door splintered on its hinges, your belongings strewn on the floor, precious things collected over decades broken on the tiles... Home invasion movies hit me hard, and I honestly struggle to accept it as something that I need to deal with in film format.

After seeing the SXSW trailer for Hangman, I am definitely going to need a buddy for this movie.

The story: Returning from vacation, the Miller family find their home has been broken into. After cleaning up the mess they continue with their lives, shaking off the feeling of being violated. But little do they know the nightmare has just begun.

Point of GENUINE concern: The amount of cc-TV and night vision filming used. I'm well and truly right the fuck over this type of film expression, so I hope it doesn't ruin everything for me, but I'm cautiously optimistic that it will translate well. 

Hangman screens on Saturday March 14th at SXSW and stars Jeremy Sisto, Kate Ashfield, Ty Simpkins, Ryan Simpkins, Eric Michael Cole and Amy Smart.