The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Lucy Lawless and the Evil Dead!

Honey Buzz ~ Lucy Lawless and the Evil Dead!

Mz Lucy Lawless is all over TV these days, and this Honey's crush from her days on Xena has been renewed (not that it ever really went anywhere... but you get the point). Lawless is a series feature on the second season of Salem, and has just been announced in a role in Starz' upcoming Ash vs Evil Dead which we've been following since last fall when it was first announced.

Bruce Campbell returns as Ash (obviously, who the fuck else could pull that role off?), but in this extension of the series, Ash's frat boy tendencies come out, as he has seemingly spent the past thirty years nursing a case of Deadite PTSD and a healthy dose of survivor's guilt, all while continuing to avoid responsibility, and maturity... When a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, Ash is finally forced to face his demons — personal and literal.

According to THR, Lawless will play Ruby, a mysterious figure who has a singleminded quest to hunt down the source of the recent evil outbreaks. The only problem: she believes that Ash is the cause of it all. Hilarity will most likely ensue... However, this last tidbit makes me (and this is a personal thing) a little nervous. Comedy of errors is one of the most frustrating forms of the genre, and while I know it will be coupled with horror elements, I can't say this actually entices me to be interested in the show... it actually makes me leery of what's to come, and what they'll focus on.

Set for a late 2015 premiere, production on the 10-episode Ash vs. Evil Dead will begin in the spring in New Zealand. 

(Source: THR)