The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Buy Ed Wood's Stuff!

Honey Buzz ~ Buy Ed Wood's Stuff!

Director Ed Wood is proof that all it takes to turn a shitty artist into an amazing one is time, hipsters, and Tim Burton. In the 50s and 60s when Wood's films were released, specifically Plan 9 from Outer Space and Glen or Glenda, they were bashed by critics and a huge commercial failure. But after Tim Burton released a biopic of the director starring Johnny Depp, interest in Wood was renewed and people finally realized what sci-fi fans had known all along: Wood's movie may suck, but they suck lovingly. 

Now, thanks to an auction house in Boston and Wood's estate, fans of the "worst director of all time" can own a piece of Ed Wood history! Sadly, no angora sweaters are part of the package.

Included in the auction are a briefcase and two trunks worth of Wood's personal property, which is a literal treasure trove for sci-fi fans. According to Rolling Stone, items the winner bidder will own include (but are not limited to):

four notebooks and Plan 9 press materials featuring Wood's notations, a program from Wood's early play Casual Company that boasts an inscription from Wood to his parents and one lined notebook page of Wood's typed and handwritten notes on sexual terminology, 8.5 x 11, with typed dictionary definitions of the words 'Aphrodisiac,' 'Testosterone,' and 'Philter or Philthe,’a signed program and script from Wood's 1949 play The Blackguard Returns, a set of lobby cards from Wood's films and a 27" x 41" Plan 9 From Outer Space one-sheet. 

Proof of the item's authenticity are provided by Wood's biographer Rudolph Grey, and Vampira herself, actress Maila Nurmi. 

As of this writing, bidding is already up to $3661 for the whole collection, so if you're interested, you have until March 18 to take part in the auction! ~ The Revenge Honey

(Source: Rolling Stone)