The Horror Honeys: Haunted Bookclub: Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress

Haunted Bookclub: Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress

A Book of the Week Review by Jocelyn

Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress - G. G. Silverman

Your Hardcover Honey usually picks books that interest her to feature as "Book of the Week," but sometimes books find her instead through submissions – this week’s read was a fun submission from G. G. Silverman with a certainly memorable title!

Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress was pitched to me as “a feminist twist on the zombie” genre and “a conceptual mashup of ‘Daria’, Mean Girls and Shaun of the Dead,” and for the most part, it delivered.  

Author Silverman sets her scene quickly and keeps things moving along. Our narrator, Clarissa, is wildly offended at the entire idea of prom and spends her time handing out pamphlets with titles like “Prom and the Reinforcement of Stereotypical Gender Roles in our Modern Society”- needless to say, Clarissa is something of a loner.  

Her best friend/loyal sidekick is gaming master Cokie Morimoto, who stoically allows Clarissa to do things like dress her up in a fuzzy pink rabbit suit splashed with fake blood during a “Fur is Freaky” campaign, or dons a gray dolphin costume to wear to school to spread the word about dolphin slaughter. Although these activities have rendered the girls a solid clique of two, they don’t seem to mind too much. Clarissa’s uber-bitch blonde (of course) nemesis Lila Logan sometimes makes things unpleasant, but at least Clarissa and Cokie have each other.

So, prom is upon us – and side note, how many awesome high-school novels and books have featured a dénouement at prom? It’s gotta be in the hundreds, right? Clarissa and Cokie are there to protest, not dance, and they are taken by surprise when they come across another student zip-tying the doors shut and trapping the celebrating teens within the gym. It seems another downtrodden kid in their midst has had all he could take and is ready to bring the pain. This part was a little too real for me, and I was glad when the focus shifted to the kids in the gym being zombie-fied.

Clarissa and Cokie work their way through the school, attempting to reach Cokie’s secret crush (always a crush with these teenage girls huh?) and find the teacher chaperoning, who Clarissa is a bit obsessed with. Their journey takes them through darkened halls, into unfamiliar rooms like the teachers lounge and through hordes of brain-thirsty zombie versions of their peers.

What worked best for me was the nature of the relationship between the girls – with Clarissa not quite as tough as she thinks and Cokie eager to be her own person for once, their conversations, even under attack by zombies, rang true to me. And I was a teenage girl, so I feel like I can speak with some authority.  The zombie scenes were great and Silverman introduces a new zombie-defeating tool that I’ve not seen used before and that was very believable. 

It takes a while for the explanation on how the zombie bug infested these kids and why Clarissa and Cokie aren’t infected, but be patient and enjoy it when it comes. Silverman wraps things up beautifully but leaves room for a sequel, one I will be eager to read when it comes out. Definitely a fan of Clarissa and looking forward to a more wide-ranging adventure!

Hardcover Honey rating: 4 out of 5 snarky teens!

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