The Horror Honeys: Bates Motel: A Death In The Family

Bates Motel: A Death In The Family

A Slasher Honey Premiere Review from Chassity

Obligatory incest joke of your choosing here.
Bates Motel (2013-)

Season 3 of Bates Motel has arrived, and in all honesty I have to say I went into with mixed emotions. On the one hand, there is so much story there, and the show itself has so much potential that it was hard not to be excited about it, but at the same time there are way too many occasions when the show is a chore to watch. So I went into the season premiere hoping to be impressed, but not really expecting to be. 

Norma and Norman are super creepy, so everything is status quo there. But then again, maybe not, because the scenes of them having cuddle parties and sleeping together in Norma's bed were pretty disturbing. Dylan calls her out on this (as he is always the only one to call Norma out on her crap) and for once, instead of being her typically stubborn self, she actually listens to him. In fact, she later tells Norman that they can’t sleep in the same bed anymore, and he gets very angry with her about it. Creepier than the fact that they sometimes sleep in the same bed? Norman’s reaction to Norma ending it. What 18-year-old boy thinks this is okay? 

Remember when we scammed the lie detector together? Happier times.
Norman panics about his first day of school and throws a fit, refusing to go. There’s a hilariously awkward moment when Norma forces him out of the car, in front of everyone. While at school, Norman has visions of Ms. Watson there with him. He runs all the way home, where he and Norma come to the decision that he can be home schooled. 

Emma, who still works at the hotel, reveals to Norman that she is even sicker than realized before, and the two of them agree to be home schooled together. Norman also chooses this time to ask Emma to be his girlfriend. His words? “We should date.” As casually as if he’s stating that he’s hungry. And poor Emma just eats it up. 

Meanwhile, Dylan is still dealing with his uncle-daddy Caleb trying to be a part of his life. Dylan is not having any of it, and you can’t really blame him. He keeps dismissing Caleb and telling him he needs to leave town. But Caleb won’t give up that easily. 

Norma’s big news? Her mother has died. Norman tries to get her to open up about it, and she tells him she’s okay and that she hadn’t spoken to her mother in 20 years. But she later shows some emotion about her mother’s death to Dylan, who seems surprised that she cares at all, let alone enough to share it with him. She talks about how her mother was a very unhappy woman, and how she has very few memories of her mother smiling. This is after Caleb has already told Dylan that there mother was “literally crazy.”

Oh Normie, you sly, creeping bastard.
There’s a new guest at the motel. A woman, alone, who implies that her job is basically… I don’t know, maybe an escort for rich men? She takes a liking to Norman immediately and has multiple inappropriate interactions with him. One night while Norman is hanging out with Emma, he ditches her to help the guest who is “lost” and doesn’t know the location of a party she has to get to. More flirting takes place, and it becomes pretty clear that her interaction with Norman did NOT end well for her. 

Norman later finds his mother crying about her own mother’s death, and she pleads with him to sleep in her bed because she’s so sad. It is the very definition of gross and creepy, and Norman’s response? “Move over, you silly woman!” It still makes me want to vomit. 

The jury's out on whether this season will be as intriguing as the beginning of the first season, but I'll definitely be back for more since it's already better than Season 2 so far.

Some of us may miss the peroxide though.