The Horror Honeys: 6/6/6 with Greg Johnson

6/6/6 with Greg Johnson

A Guest Honey #IndieManCrushMarch 6/6/6 by Tonjia Atomic

Greg Johnson is best known for his acting roles in indie genre films. He has, however, had several roles in filmmaking including writing, directing, producing, and has had extensive stage experience. He graciously answered my 6/6/6 questions about all of his creative endeavors.  

1. You've had many different roles when it comes to filmmaking from acting to cinematography. Tell us a bit about the different things that you do and do you have a favorite?

I enjoy all aspects of filmaking. In the past 2 years I have found myself wearing more than 1 hat during shoots. It has always been my opinion that when you take on projects where there is a severe chance you may them! Worst will fail but next time you will be much better suited to take the risks again...gain the knowledge and experience and that will do nothing but help. In the end I like to be as well rounded in all departments of the production. In turn you will be a much stronger member of the project. So, I enjoy all of it.

2. Tell us about Hole in the Wall and your involvement in that. 

Originally I was asked by Derrick Carey to act in the wrap around segment. Over time I was also invited to submit a short (last dance)..I was just a really lucky guy to get invited on that adventure. I've seen a few public screenings so me it's a fun 78 min punch in the gut. A assault on the it or not..people are going to have a bitch of a time washing it away. And on that point alone makes me very proud of the piece. 7 directors/writers from WI gathering to produce something not for everyone's tastes..and that's fine. But it provokes, offends and maybe even amuses..and that is a success...anyway you cut it. 

3. What albums would be the soundtrack of your life right now?

1. Heathen- David Bowie
2. Songs in the Key of Life- Stevie Wonder
3. Pretty much all of Leonard Cohen's catalogue

4. What can you tell us about your work with director Cory Udler?

 Cory was the guy who started it all for me. IDS was filmed in the summer of 09 and released later that year. Without that character of Jeb..I wouldn't have had any again I really lucked out. He gave me my first film lead..and now here we are 5 features later, he's a gent and a king among men on set he gives freedom and room to his actors to play through scenes that doesn't happen as much as one would like. Plus off set he's just a riot and one hellva good egg.

5. Tell us a bit about your stage acting and how it differs from film. 

I had done plenty of theater during high school and college, worked with a few regional theaters as well as summer stock. Studied/trained with Paul Sills (founder/creator of Chicago's "Second City Theater" and by accident found myself in Madison, WI. Became an company member with "Broom Street Theater" founded by Stuart Gordon and remained with them for 7 years doing 20 plus productions. Leadership changed as did the essence of the work that was being produced.So I left. I think the main difference between film/theater acting..stage will always be the actors is the directors medium. If your looking for instant gratification then stage might be your thing. With film there are many other hands involved with crafting your performance. And sometimes the film after its all said and done will sit on a shelf..just the way it goes.

6. Tell us about Hobo with a Trashcan and your segment of it. 

Carlos the pool boy...the name says it all.

Name 6 actors that inspire you. 

6. Tilda Swinton- I think I became aware of her in "Michael Clayton"..just a really strong mix of truth and craft. Her performances elevate any film 10 fold even if the film sucks.
5. Julianne Moore- nothing but truthful performances out of her.
4. Gena Rowlands- granted she hasn't done too much in the last 20 years..however I MO her work in the 70's "Opening Night","a woman under the influence" hasn't been surpassed yet. Again really strong truthful performances.
3. Gary Oldman- off the hinges in "The professional" then in contrast "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" a modern film great. He's one of those actors who truly disappear into the character. 
2. Peter Sellers-  the star of two films that easily make my top 5..."Dr. Strange love" and "Being There"
1. John Cassavetes- he lived and died by indie films. From shutting down productions for 2 years to regain hand delivering films across the country to any theater that would show them. He has been labeled a maverick and to some the father of indie pendant cinema. Plus...again "Opening Night" "Killing of a Chinese Bookie" the guy did it all.

Name 6 of your projects.

1. In July of 2014 Christina Beller and I formed "Two Horned Unicorn Productions" an production company based out of Madison, Wi that would focus on creating diverse indie. Productions. Soon after Matt Kenyon and Manny Jones would join the company. To date we have released 12 shorts, with 1 feature ready to start within the next month.

2. The Hour of Separation
Written by Christina Beller, directed by Matt Kenyon. I will be acting in this feature. It's a gritty, dramatic and ambitious piece. However working along side of Christina, Matt and Manny, it will be nothing short of a blast.
Release date Spring 2016

3. The Night They Hit Back
Written and directed by Jason Thorson. A short that was shot in summer of 2015. Just another mob hit gone bad story....or is it?
Release date before October 2015

4. New World Horror
Written and directed by Adam Schabow,  shot in the summer/fall of 2015.

5. Hag
Produced and directed by "Screaming like Banshees productions"
Shot in the fall of 2015, release date fall of 2016

6. I Was Myself for Halloween
A graphic novel based on characters/story created by R.S. Shesto and artwork by R.J. Gonzales

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