The Horror Honeys: Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

A Head Honey Indie Review by Kat

Wyrmwood (2014)

Let's be honest about things up front. If you're a follower of Horror Honey for news or reviews, you'll know by now that I'm big on honesty when it comes to film reviews, regardless of whether they're big budget or indie. Also to be taken into consideration, I have a checkered history with zombie movies. And Australians.

Enter Wyrmwood, a random Australian zombie trailer I was sent by IFC Midnight that I was not expecting to be as balls to the wall excited about as I actually am. With a tagline that actually does the entire film a disservice, Wyrmwood rises above and beyond the zombie genre with an utterly unique style of zombie, a fun twist that I won't mention, authentic performances... and a stunning zombie origin story that I can't get past.

Because they're literally impossible to avoid, there are: *Spoilers Ahead* 

You're a badass bitch, Brooke, and I <3 you.
As a student of comparative religions and apocryphal writings while holding a pagan studies degree (sorry not sorry), I'm super into biblical references and origin stories that don't suck or beat you about the head and shoulders with rhetoric and judgement... and Wyrmwood's origin story is actually entirely amazing. In the book of Revelations, the third angel talks of a star, Wyrmwood, that falls to earth bringing a disease that killed "a fuckload of people" ~ a trite simplification, maybe. BUT with a recent meteor shower... this option is suddenly entirely plausible and entirely awesome.

Unlike better funded zombie themed shows (looking at you Z Nation) Wyrmwood's zombies are practical makeup creations that are reminiscent of The Walking Dead, with their use of facial prosthetics. The only area that the budget is obvious when it comes to the zombies is the contact lenses… we’ve all worn those 'white-out' contacts at some point for a zombie walk or club night. No harm, no foul. Speaking of foul, it took me a little while to figure out what was going on with some I Dream of Genie style smoke emanating from the zombie’s mouths. Acid green, CGI smoke to be exact. Like cartoon bad breath. Also hitting me where it hurts was the zombie sound effects… I admittedly have a bit of porcine PTSD, and the noises the zombies were making just didn’t sit right with me. 

Fucking stunning.
I legitimately love how much work indie filmmakers put into their projects. Working around small budgets, limited timelines and awkward (if sometimes illegal) shooting locations, this is where real film creativity happens. Wyrmwood takes all of these issues in stride and some of my favorite scenes are done in close quarters in the zombie experiment lab. Beautiful color schemes, and some completely inappropriate music make the lab scenes a LOT of fun and it's easy to get carried away by the comedy of zombie errors. 

Fair warning: If you've never met an Australian, or listened to one talk while they're drunk, you might need subtitles for Wyrmwood.  

Re-stating: Wyrmwood is not "Mad Max with zombies." Just because it's an apocalypse theme set in Australia, doesn't automatically make it Mad Max

Head Honey Verdict: 4 out of 5 Biblical meteors crashing into the Outback. I fucking loved it. 

Wyrmwood is available February 15th 2015 - you need to see it.