The Horror Honeys: Walker Stalker Con San Francisco: A Honey Adventure starring The Sci-Fi Honey 2.0!

Walker Stalker Con San Francisco: A Honey Adventure starring The Sci-Fi Honey 2.0!

 A Honey Adventure starring The Sci-Fi Honey 2.0, Katie!

Walker Stalker Con - San Francisco - January 31st - February 1st

They brought this spaceman here just for me.
Tales from the Con: A Walker-Stalker Weekend Recap
By Sci-Fi Honey 2.0 Katie

Over the past weekend, thousands of people came together to participate in a hallowed American tradition, attended by the greatest fans in the world, to honor a major television event… and no, it had nothing to do with guys in helmets or Katy Perry. January 31st and February 1st 2015 marked the weekend that fans of The Walking Dead, as well as horror and sci-fi fans in general, descended upon the West Coast to get their undead freak on at the Walker Stalker Convention in San Francisco, California. The weather was absurdly gorgeous, the cosplayers were freshly zombified, and horror-iffic shenanigans were afoot as Horror TV Honey Lisa and I spent 48 Honey-Hustling hours drinking in every gruesomely entertaining moment. Below is a chronicle of our 2-day adventure in the City by the (Bloodied) Bay.

Upon our arrival to the sprawling grounds of Fort Mason, we were accosted by scores of people, young and old, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite horror celebrity. The festivities were kicked off with a live podcast from James and Eric, the co-creators of the convention, and followed up with panel discussions from Walking Dead actors Scott Wilson, Brighton Sharbino, Kyla Kennedy, and Andrew J. West, as well as voice talent from the popular Walking Dead game series. Day 1 was just beginning, and it was already complete chaos – from sword-wielding Michonne cosplayers to Freddy Kreuger-clawed and blue Tardis-painted people, this year’s convention drew fans not only from The Walking Dead, but also A Nightmare on Elm Street and Doctor Who. Lines snaked around the grounds for anyone waiting to escape the unseasonably warm weather and sit in on a panel discussion, have their favorite photo autographed, or buy a unique craft from any of the hundreds of horror-themed vendors on-site.

Two of my favorite cosplayers from
A Nightmare on Elm Street
After an insanely creative and hilarious cosplay contest (featuring one too many mulleted “Eugene” cosplayers for my taste), the Walker Stalker Con hosted “Night of the Doctor” – a VIP event for fans of Doctor Who. One fan we talked to flew from out-of-state for this rare chance to meet show stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill. For fans of sci-fi, however, this was not the only big draw for the weekend – Gillan and Michael Rooker participated in a Guardians of the Galaxy-themed photo op, and one of the convention’s sponsors, Jupiter Ascending, treated fans to a sneak preview and promotional materials from the upcoming film by Andy and Lana Wachowski. This Sci-Fi Honey even got a Jupiter Ascending button. Yay swag!
Michonne let her pets off their chains, but we found them!

The Walking Dead star Emily Kinney (also known as Beth, the character many fans petitioned to have brought back to life on the show), is also an accomplished singer-songwriter, and she treated us all to a live concert to close out Day 1. As night fell and convention celebrities and attendees alike ventured out to explore the various pubs and clubs of San Francisco, the Horror TV Honey and I met up with Vincent M. Ward, a Walking Dead season 3 regular. Ward regaled us with anecdotes from his experiences on the show, as well as candid stories from his personal life and the entertainment industry in general. While his Walking Dead character, Oscar, met an untimely end (as many on the show tend to do), he was grateful for the experience and impressed by the impact the show has had on fans around the world. Horror TV Honey’s full interview with Vincent M. Ward will appear with the next TV Tuesday!
Bright and early on Day 2, we headed back to Fort Mason and to a much cooler day, a lighter crowd, and a more relaxed atmosphere. Lining up inside the main auditorium were dozens of Nightmare on Elm Street fans, hoping to get a chance to ask panel guest Robert Englund a question about his murderous alter ego: “What’s your favorite thing about playing Freddy?” “Do you have movie makeup PTSD?” “How’d you like the reboot?” Hinting at the possibility of another reboot with star Jackie Earle Haley continuing on in the Freddy role, Englund noted that a new film would most likely be a combination of parts 3 and 4 (Dream Warriors & The Dream Master), a conjecture that sent the crowd into a frenzy of both anxiety and excitement. Englund was a wealth of general film trivia knowledge and showed pronounced enthusiasm for all his work in the Elm Street series, as well as the cast and crew of its various sequels, and even led us through a rousing chorus of “1, 2, Freddy’s Coming for You” – with the last line, “never sleep again!” delivered in his best snarling-Freddy voice.

Pictured: The "Sexy Freddy Sandwich"
Horror TV Honey Lisa, Mr. Englund, Sci-Fi Honey Katie

Englund’s panel was full, but it was nothing compared to the fans who packed in to see The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker and David Morrissey – aka “Merle” and “The Governor” – square off one last time. After a screening of their epic final battle, fans volleyed questions between Rooker and Morrissey – whether or not Merle would partake in a ‘Bob-B-Que,’ for example – with alternatingly hilarious and poignant responses. One of the most heartfelt moments was when Rooker gave his estimation of the plight of the show’s remaining characters: “this is not a zombie show; this is a survivor’s show. This is a human show.” All characters on the show have lost someone close to them, he noted, and all are constantly going through the grieving process – something viewers need to be reminded of when they tune in just to see who will bite the dust next. It was a moving sentiment coming from a man who spent most of the weekend kidding around and posturing like a rock star, as his grandiose exit from the auditorium was met with squeals from hundreds of giddy fans. I have to say, my first experience with Rooker was with his chill-inducing portrayal of the title character in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, I’ve now come away from the convention with a more lighthearted and deeply sensitive impression of him than I’d previously thought.

Rooker and Morrisey: Merle vs the Governor, Round 2!
In the absence of the show’s special effects makeup guru Greg Nicotero, who had to cancel his appearance last-minute, Day 2 was closed out with panels from additional actors from the series (including our dear friend Vincent M. Ward), as well as a zombie makeup tutorial. After 48 solid hours of walking and stalking, Horror TV Honey and I slinked off to our respective “real lives,” feeling like we had just spent two glorious days at a gory Disneyland. Throughout the year the Walker Stalker Convention will continue its journey across six more major cities in the United States, with a final stop in New York/New Jersey in December. For more information and to find the con nearest you, visit the official Walker Stalker Con website, and check out hashtag #WSCSF on Twitter to see more of our debaucheries from the weekend!

The Horror TV Honey made a tiny friend!

Horror TV Honey gets cozy with Doggy Daryl Dixon from
The Barking Dead

Michael Rooker: Rockstar