The Horror Honeys: Vampires Don’t Do Dishes!

Vampires Don’t Do Dishes!

A Supernatural Honey Limited Release Review by Suzanne

What We Do In the Shadows (2014)

I’ve never seen a single episode of Flight of the Conchords, but something about Jemaine Clement has always annoyed me. Still, the idea of a “documentary” about vampire roommates was far too intriguing to pass up. I’m happy to say, I laughed my way through the entire thing.

Four vampires, of varying ages, sharing a house in New Zealand, are being followed around by a film crew to document their daily lives and their attempt at mixing with modern society without “outing” themselves.

We first meet Viago (Taika Waititi) as he’s first waking to his alarm. Soft spoken and diplomatic, Viago does his best to maintain harmony in the house. He proceeds to wake the other flat mates for a house meeting. We meet Deacon (Jonathan Brugh), the youngest of the group and a Lestat wannabe, Vladislav (Jemaine Clemant), the resident Vlad Tepes, and Petyr (Ben Fransham), who is a little Kurt Barlow and a little Nosferatu, and perfectly content to remain in the basement.

Being an old vampire in a modern
setting comes with many hurdles, such as, trying to get into nightclubs without being invited, fashion missteps due to a lack of reflection, and incompetent familiars. They have turf beef with a pack of werewolves and a newly turned vampire to contend with, not to mention their human friend Stu, who they struggle over not eating. But perhaps the most challenging issue these bloodsuckers seem to face is the dreaded chore wheel. Getting a vampire to do the dishes is just as arduous a task as getting a human to do them, but it’s a lot funnier. 

There are so many moments in this film that instantly give me a chuckle, like a Pretty Woman-esque dress-up montage, vampires using public transportation, and hobbies like knitting, and erotic dancing. They guys also steal some of their parlor tricks from films like Dracula and The Lost Boys

I applaud all the performances from the main cast to the bit parts. Everyone was brilliant and I completely bought into all of it. Even with the Monty Python blood spray, it never seemed hokey or contrived.

What We Do In the Shadows is not only one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time, it’s also charming and totally unique. If you don’t live in NY or LA and want the opportunity to see this film in your town, please consider contributing to the Kickstarter fund.

Supernatural Honey Rating ~ 5 arterial arteries out of 5