The Horror Honeys: The Assassin Always Rings Twice - Comics Honey Reviews Lady Killer!

The Assassin Always Rings Twice - Comics Honey Reviews Lady Killer!

Title: Lady Killer #1 and #2
Creative Team: Joelle Jones (Writer/Artist) Jamie S. Rich (Writer) Laura Allred (Colourist)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics 
Released: Jan 2015

Artwork: 4/5
Layout: 5/5
Writing: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Re-Readability: 4/5

Total: 4 out of 5

Hello everybody! After a hectic work week for Valentine's Day, I am back with a long awaited review of Lady Killer: a story about a hitwoman living in 1960s suburbia. It has been described as “Betty Draper meets Hannibal," which alone was enough to get me interested.

“I have no idea who wants you dead, or why. All I know is that for the money they are paying me, they must have a good reason.”

Featuring great illustrations and inks by Joelle Jones, her art style here is a lot sharper and rougher looking than Madame Frankenstein, which, if you look at it this way, contradicts the peppy, clean-cut 60s ideal of women... I like it!

I also I like her attention to detail with patterns, clothing, and hairstyles of that era. The art is complimented by Laura Allred which solidifies the time period with pastel blues & greens and bright saturated colours.

I said get OUT of the kitchen!
My only gripe is the use of ink spatter on the pages. I understand this is utilized to help give a rougher feel to the pages or to recreate a vintage comic, but its tend to be a little distracting. This flaw is minor and doesn't detract too much from the overall artwork.

The layouts are fairly straightforward: the artist used clear outlines and everything flows well for reading, while still offering dynamic artwork. It looks good reading it on the computer screen as well as on a tablet.
Yup, the face of a ruthless killer, right here.

The script is written by Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich, who collaborated before on Madame Frankenstein. The first two issues follow the main character, Josie, as she juggles two lives: one as a housewife to a loving husband and two daughters and her secret profession as a killer for hire, often for missions that would be complicated if a man was sent in.

We get to see two of Josie's missions in the first issues. First, Josie acts as an Avon Lady in order to get into her target's house. Then, Josie goes undercover as a “Club Kitten” to get into the pants (and ribcage) of a high profile target.

Aside from her profession, we see her home life as she keeps her work hidden, but nosy relatives and her newest job might make things difficult for her in future issues.

Issues one and two do a great job in depicting people and viewpoints of that era, including the casual sexism, the overt sexism, racism and, other politically incorrect things that would be considered tasteless today - it's comedic, in a dark, surrealist sort of way. 

If you watch Mad Men with that idea in mind, you already have a pretty accurate idea of this comic and its characters.

Josie has no time for your Don Draper bullshit.
Even within the first book, you see a difference in Josie's personality as she switches between bubbly housewife and mother, to a cold and ruthless killer. I think many women, including myself, can relate to this, where we create different personas, to help navigate through the world we live in and all of its contradictions.

Lady Killer has a larger arc in which Josie's character development feature prominently, as well as a smaller story arc in each issue focused on her jobs and the methods she uses. So even if you pick up one book, you can still keep track of the story, without feeling lost, but still have enough information to keep you interested in further issues.

Kick off your heels, grab a dirty martini and check out Lady Killer. This is the next comic you should pick up: it's twisted, violent, dark, and funny with an intriguing female lead character.

The creators have taken a departure from Madame Frankenstein and I am interested in seeing what direction they will take in future issues.

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