The Horror Honeys: The ABC's of Death 2 ~ 140 Character Reviews

The ABC's of Death 2 ~ 140 Character Reviews

A Tandem Head Honey & Revenge Honey Review!

Back in October, Head Honey Kat and Revenge Honey Linnie were given the privilege of viewing the ABCs of Death 2 just a little bit early. Armed with their trusty notebooks and a bit of apprehension, they dove in to the latest entry in the horror film anthology and are happy to report: they were more than pleasantly surprised. What follows is a mini-review of each short, in honor of each film's shortened length! And it's important to note that while some of their reviews may seem similar, Head Honey and Revenge Honey did not watch the film together, nor did they discuss the films prior to writing their reviews. They just happen to have similar views on pretty much everything (we're looking at you, bros).

Opening Sequence:

HH: The opening sets up the series as darkly playful and eerily beautiful, I wish some of the films lived up to it. Edward Gorey-esque fabulous.

RH: The title sequence is beautiful, creepy & memorable. It could work as a standalone mini-film & the music is perfect.

A is for Amateur
Dir: E. L. Katz

HH: Stylish as fuck with a Mission: Impossible feel and an unexpected LOL twist at the end. Sidenote: Maggots make everything better.

RH: EL Katz proves he is a darkly hilarious filmmaker. Being a hitman isn't so posh. Also, stay out of air ducts, dummy.

B is for Badger
Dir: Julian Barrett

HH: Behind the scenes of your favorite nature program, the seedy underbelly of competition with Attenborough is Honey Badger Level amazing.

RH: Julian Barratt's film leaves everything to the imagination, & it's fantastic. Nature documentaries are dangerous business!

C is for Capital Punishment
Dir: Julian Gilbey

HH: Brutally raw with a Shyamalan The Village feel, the slightly predictable 'what a twist' moment will make you cringe as will the FX.

RH: Julian Gilbey's film succinctly shows why I don't believe in CP. Also decapitation is really hard. See, movies?

D is for Delousing

Dir: Robert Morgan

HH: With highlights that include some Hellraiser-esque moments, the majority of D is WTF-inducing with some high quality nope factor included.

RH: Robert Morgan's stop motion movie is gross & nonsensical. Animation doesn't have to be pretty but please make sense.

E is for Equilibrium
Dir: Alejandro Bruges

HH: E can be summed up very simply: Brotime. Backpatting. Coconuts. Beer requests. Bro's before ho's. My total bitchface reaction.

RH: Brugués' short is a dudebro, backsmacking piece of shit. A frat boy training film. Murder in the name of bromance.

F is for Falling
Dir: Ahron Keshales & Navot Papushado

HH: More political commentary than horror. Amazingly poignant with beautiful scenic visuals to immerse the viewer in the story on a human level.

I is for Invincible
RH: Keshales & Papushado craft less horror & more heartbreaking drama highlighting a tragic conflict. Devastating. Perfect.

G is for Granddad
Dir: Jim Hasking

HH: A Grandson you'd like to punch in the mouth for being a twat, and a granddad who obviously needs to talk about his time in Chad...

RH: Jim Hosking's short is... uh... I... I've got nothing.

H is for HeadGames
Dir: Bill Plympton

HH: While I'm normally a fan of horror animation, Headgames is a little too weird for me. An interesting idea, with some awkward sound effects.

RH: Plympton's animation of the people felt a little... racist-y. But the visuals were interesting. Still, not a fan.

O is for Ochlocracy
I is for Invincible
Dir: Erik Matti

HH: With more than a hint of Evil Dead, everyone has experience dealing with that relative that JUST. WONT. DIE. It seems like spite by the end.

RH: I can relate to Erik Matti's film, as I too have a grandmother w/ the dark gift of immortality. No beach house, though.

J is for Jesus
Dir: Dennison Ramalho

HH: Revenge, eternal love, & religious torture thrown in for good measure, sometimes committing violence in the name of God isn't the best plan.

RH: Could also have been H is for Hypocrisy. Ramalho's film is timely, vicious, brutal, & wonderful. I was in awe of his skill.

K is for Knell 
Dir: Kristina Buožytė and Bruno Samper

HH: Are we apocalypsing here? Great visuals imply something sinister and possibly sci-fi is at work, menstruation is terrifying...just sayin.

RH: Really epic sci-fi from Kristina Buožytė & Bruno Samper. Eerie & unsettling w/ themes far larger than its short run time.

L is for Legacy
Dir: Lancelot Imasuen

HH: Sigh. L is for Lost in Translation. I feel like this was a terrifying piece of folklore at some point. Also, no on the Stop.

RH: A story lost in translation, awful CGI, the murders of pregnant women, & furry costumes... Total misfire from Imasuen.

M is for Masticate
M is for Masticate
Dir: Robert Boocheck

HH: Part of a short film competition, M is a coveted letter and it's well done in this zombie short. Great, simple story, slo-mo & a genuine LOL

RH: Part of me wanted to like Robert Boocheck's anti-drug music video. But then... anti-drug music video. Still, stylish.

N is for Nexus
Dir: Larry Fessenden

HH: The adorable Franken-couple are a wonderful bookend to an awful case of happenstance and tragically effective coincidence. Heartsquish end.

RH: Larry Fessenden's short could also be called N is for Numbnuts. Who rides a bike in a full mask? Yet, effective bummer.

O is for Ochlocracy
Dir: Hajime Ohata

HH: 'Apparent Death Syndrome' a brilliant cover for the zombie apocalypse, especially when it has a awkward and stunningly excellent.

RH: Hajime Ohata's short actually provides an entirely new take on post-zombie life. Call it post-post zombie Earth. Brill!

W is for Wish
P is for P-P-P-P Scary!
Dir: Todd Rohal 

HH: Obviously having nothing to add to the collection, it seems like the director didn't even try and filmed it on a laptop and edited in iMovie

RH: I think Todd Rohal cheated. But this is like the 3 Stooges on acid. At one point, literally. Actual sulfuric acid.

Q is for Questionnaire
Dir: Rodney Ascher

HH: Mundane IQ assessment turns transplant victim...human to ape. Aside from the initial eyebrow raise? I'd rather watch Room 237 again.

RH: Of COURSE the one from Rodney Ascher, director of Room 237, makes no EFFING sense. YOU CAN'T TRANSPLANT BRAINS. Ass.

R is for Roulette
Dir: Marvin Kren

HH: Simple. Effective. I initially expected something mob related, but was pleasantly surprised at the final outcome. No spoilers. I liked it.

RH: Marvin Kren's black & white game of chance is simple, tense, & terrifying. A true shocker of an ending. Amply impressed.

S is for Split
Dir: Juan Martinez Moreno

HH: A brilliant, beautiful and brutally horrifying and unflinching entry. Revenge is a hell of a thing, and the twist is utterly, painfully perfect.

RH: Moreno's film could also be S is for Secrets. Because secrets are bad. Especially big ones. And they never stay secret.

T is for Torture Porn
Dir: Jen and Sylvia Soska

HH: Some things don't live up to the hype. Opening strong & creepy, and then turning into something I didn't expect, and not in a good way.

RH: Oh, Soskas. I get what you were trying to say, but this is a mess. It makes no sense & wastes Tristan. Such a shame.

U is for Utopia
Dir: Vincenzo Natali

HH: Everything I'm utterly terrified of is encapsulated in this short. Cactus Club lifestyle, golf club memberships... I'd be in the burn box.

RH: All the feels, Vincenzo Natali, all the feels. If society is perfect, where do the less than perfect fit in? Terrifying.

Y is for Youth

V is for Vacation
Dir: Jerome Sable

HH: My loathing for people who partake in these 'vacations' definitely colored my viewing, and powered my LOL at the end. A fitting end, D-bags.

RH: Much like G, I'm left wordless over Jerome Sable's film. No one is likable. It's unpleasant. Just wanted it over.

W is for Wish
Dir: Steven Kostanski

HH: An entry that looks better in the Red Band trailer than in practice, W is a fun idea, but a little sloppy and awkward in execution.

RH: If you had dreams of zapping into a fantasy world to fight alongside your action figures, Kostanski's film will fix that.

X is for Xylophone
Dir: Julien Maury & Alexandre Bustillo

HH: A beautifully imagined little film which graphically depicts why I can never have children... poignant, terrifying, and utterly touching.

RH: Beautifully French. From Maury & Bustillo, all the hallmarks of their films. A lesson in not giving kids instruments.

C is for Capital Punishment
Y is for Youth
Dir: Soichi Umezawa

HH: Once I got over the "WTF am I watching right meow?" feeling, the imagery was a unique addition to a diary entry. Still weirded me though.

RH: I genuinely dug the story & sentiment behind Umezawa's short, but this particular style of Asian filmmaking is not for me.

Z is for Zygote
Dir: Chris Nash

HH: The most powerful entry in the entire series, Z addresses a stunning and poignant relationship with far more tenderness than expected.

RH: Chris Nash's film is the standout. Visually appalling, stunning, completely original, & you will never EVER forget it.

Final Verdict:

HH: Reminding me why I love short horror films so much, ABC's 2 is a strong contender for my favorite horror films of 2014. Faves: A, Z, S, X, M

RH: While the first ABCs of Death drove me to drink, the sequel contains some of the best shorts I have ever seen. Standouts: F, J, O, S, U & Z!