The Horror Honeys: Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 16 ~ What Lies Beneath

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 16 ~ What Lies Beneath

A Horror TV HOney Episode Recap by Lisa

Remember those Ghostbusters references I made regarding the previous episode? Well, this episode begins with a group of workmen traversing a really old underground tunnel system where they happen upon.....wait for it......a hidden spiral staircase leading deeper into the ground where they discover a suspicious looking door covered in symbols. Just when I was expecting the river of pink goo to show up, a la Ghostbusters 2, some of the demons from The Descent jumped out instead. 

There's a Tupac hologram,
why not a Thomas Jefferson one?
So, what lies beneath this secret door in the underground tunnel? (Again, just how deep into the earth's core does Sleepy Hollow go? Seriously.) An impenetrable chamber built by Thomas Jefferson that holds all of the tools for our witnesses to defeat evil. Uh, duh. Although Abbie makes a snarky remark in regards to our forefathers utilizing their free time really well, it's becoming more and more unbelievable that the men who founded our country and wrote The Declaration of Independence also had tons of time to build an exceedingly complex underground system chock a block full of secret chambers that harness supernatural powers, house holograms of our third president and have all of the tools necessary for our witnesses to overcome all of the evil in the world. Or is that just me? Anyway, our Ichabbie team defeats the tunnel dwelling ghouls, saves the innocent bystanders and blows up the chamber system. Just a normal Tuesday for these two.

Hey, where are all of the ladies?

Irving calls on Miss Jenny to help him retrieve something and this is when she notices a suspicious tattoo on his arm. Still, she helps him break into police evidence to steal something that has ties with Henry Parish. So, how was he going around appealing to everyone's better nature? By attaching an ancient rune to himself, it shields the true nature of his curse. This is what allowed a tarnished Frank Irving to run free. As the good Frank battles the evil Frank within him, he is trying to make reparations before Evil Frank takes over completely. My only concern over this storyline is whether or not Irving will make it out alive and well.

Hello, handsome. 
We may be down a Hawley, but we've just been gifted with a Calvin Riggs. A photo journalist, Riggs grew up in Sleepy Hollow and he is not about to accept the little white lies Abbie is telling the public. By granting Riggs limited access, he is brought into the world of the witnesses and could be a potential ally.

With only two episodes left, the teaser at the end of this one with Henry and Katrina was a good one. Henry is back, he's badder than ever and he wants his mother by his side. Looks as though Katrina may turn to the dark side after all and you know what that means: Ichabod and Abbie will need to get rid of her. Let's see if the writers will finally grant our wish and kill Katrina once and for all.

Hey guys! Have you found the pink goo yet?