The Horror Honeys: Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 15 ~ Spellcaster

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 15 ~ Spellcaster

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

This episode brought a warlock from the Salem witch trials to Sleepy Hollow. Not only was he played by the creepy, yet charming Jonathan Schaech, but he can make blood boil, wears the same outfit as dude in Jeepers Creepers and has the ability to take Katrina back to purgatory with him. Oh, so many wonderful possibilities completely underutilized.

Solomon Kent, the warlock all witches fear, was the leader of Salem back in the day and he's the one who started those nasty witch trials. A spiritual man, he was a pillar of the community and beloved by everyone. Everyone except Sarah Osborne. As usual, rebuffed love is what instigated a reign of terror and death. The witches who escaped his false accusations managed to banish him to purgatory, but he's back and he's looking for the rest of the Grand Grimoire and this is where he collides with Ichabod and Abbie. While I understand Ichabod's desire to carry a crossbow rather than a gun, it's just silly looking. He's not Daryl Dixon and there's really no reason he can't carry something a little bit more practical. Also, the mandatory BM scene was only mildly touching. (Sleepyheads: please let me know if there is a term for the Icabod/Abbie heart to heart every episode. I shall use the Supernatural BM term until further notice. Thank you.)

I'm so confused. Am I from the Salem Witch Trials
or Jeepers Creepers?

The blood creatures that Kent conjures up are pretty cool, but they would have been really awesome if they weren't just a marriage of two of the villains from previous episodes mixed with a little bit of Blade. Every week, Sleepy Hollow borrows heavily from other supernatural and horror entertainment and it's becoming quite tedious. In fact, watching this episode and the next back to back made the Ghostbusters similarities irritatingly obvious.

Ichabod tries his hand at trash talking and proclaims, "Curb thy foul stench unholy minion," as the blood demon runs at him. Abbie blasts the demon into a blood explosion and Ichabod wipes a spot of it off of his face. This moment was classic Sleepy Hollow and we need more of this. Less of the heavy chit chat. Going back and forth from serious emotional talk to funny quips is mostly jarring and ruins the flow of the episode.

Girl, why are you still here?
Despite what seems to be a unanimous fan hatred towards Katrina, the writers have clearly been trying to warm us up to her. Usually, this means that a character will be taken away from us after we have been led to love them, but this doesn't seem to be the case in Sleepy Hollow. They must have something up their sleeve with her character and the emergence of Henry seems to answer part of that question.

The sight of the Horseman of War watching informercials in a motel room is equal parts sad and funny, but it is the trigger that makes him realize he is a wolf in this world of sheep and wolves. Meeting Irving in the woods to obtain the Grand Grimoire that he stole, Henry declares that everything is just beginning and destiny shall bend to his will. Welcome back Henry. You are a fantastic baddie and I have missed you. 

Why am I carrying such a combersome weapon?
Oh yeah, Irving is not to be trusted, but that wasn't really a shock, was it?

Well, there is definitely a lot being set up and despite my many disappointments this season, I shall remain optimistic that it all ties up at the end.

Ghostbusters reference #1: "The world of the living will be overwhelmed by the dead." Sounds a little like Walter Peck demanding the ghost containment system to be deactivated.

Ghostbusters reference #2: "I am the traveler." Ooh! Are you Gozer the Traveler?!

Creepy, yet sexy.