The Horror Honeys: Sci-Friday Jam ~ 'Pets'

Sci-Friday Jam ~ 'Pets'

Photography by Julian Wolkenstein
Children are innocent
Teenagers are fucked up in the head
Adults are even more fucked up
And elderlies are like children
Will there be another race
To come along and take over for us?
Maybe Martians could do
Better than we've done
We'll make great pets, we'll make great pets

Porno for Pyros was either one of those bands you cared about, or you didn't. It was like deciding if you kept listening to Alice in Chains after Layne died: some of the parts may still be there, but the coherent whole could never be the same again. That's how I felt after Jane's Addiction broke up. I mean yeah, Perry was singing, but something was different and I just didn't like it. However, the one exception to that general rule was the song "Pets" off their first album. Not only was it funny, but it's pretty much how I imagine the world ending: all of us pesky humans in fishbowls for non-Xenu-like aliens. And really... we kind of have it coming. I know my dog gives me the side-eye every time I put a leash on him. ~RH