The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon - 'Suicide Mouse'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon - 'Suicide Mouse'

I think on some level, we all know that Disney has had its share of creepy moments. Well intentioned or not, Disney animators are human beings who have bad days, and that shit is going to make it into movies. But when it comes to Disney history, there is no one story more terrifying and more seriously disturbing than the legend of the "missing" Mickey cartoon known as... Suicide Mouse.

The story goes that right before his death, Walt Disney spent his final days crafting a Mickey Cartoon alone in his studio. After the film was complete, he handed it off to an animator for final edits. It is said that the animator watched the film, left the room, walked up to a security guard, muttered "Real suffering is not known" repeatedly in Russian, then took the guard's gun and killed himself. (Apparently security guards at Disney Studios had guns in these days?)

The short then remained in storage for decades until an archivist made the horrific discovery while compiling Disney films. It took him and an assistant to attempt to finish the film, and even then, the movie remained entirely unwatched. They both truly believed that this Mickey Mouse short was a glimpse into the madness of hell.

How the movie ended up on YouTube, the world may never know.

The question is, of course... is it real? The answer my friends is a resounding... no. Walt Disney may have been a lot of things, but a suicidal gore freak with a mean streak was not one of them. Word on the rialto is that Suicide Mouse was actually the final project of an animation student, which makes significantly more sense. However, who doesn't enjoy a good urban legend about a cartoon that drives everyone who watches it mad?

Don't forget to buy your souvenir machete as you exit hell!

That being said, I have still never watched the whole video straight through. I'm not an idiot. But if you are a braver soul than I, crank that sound up to 11, and gird your loins for your Saturday Morning Creepy Cartoon: Suicide Mouse! ~RH