The Horror Honeys: Revenge Wednesday Jam ~ 'Killing Strangers'

Revenge Wednesday Jam ~ 'Killing Strangers'

We pack demolition, we can't pack emotion
Dynamite? We just might...
So blow us a kiss, blow us a kiss
Blow us a kiss, we'll blow you to pieces
We're killing strangers
We're killing strangers
So we don't kill the ones that we love

Even though I was, unashamedly, a Marilyn Manson fan, I always kind of assumed that pop culture would move on without him. His whole... schtick was specific, and ceased to be relevant pretty quickly. And then, that crazy, badly aging bastard went and proved me wrong with his latest release, The Pale Emperor. It's really fucking good. But more than that, the album's first track, "Killing Strangers," played brilliantly in one of my favorite films of last year, John Wick. I have yet to get tired of the song, and the lyrics are 100% Revenge Honey approved. They could almost provide a script for their own movie... CUT, PRINT, DENIED AN OSCAR BECAUSE WE'RE WOMEN! ~RH