The Horror Honeys: Murder Monday Jam - 'Cease to Exist'

Murder Monday Jam - 'Cease to Exist'

Submission is a gift
Go on give it to your brother
Love and understandin'
Is for one another

I'm your kind, I'm your kind
I'm your brother

Before he'd turned to a life of drifting and manipulating the young minds of his "family," Charles Manson wanted to be a musician, and more importantly, he wanted to be a STAR. He told endless stories about working with The Beatles, and The Beach Boys - and there's quite a few scandalous tales about the Manson Family and their time at Brian Wilson's house in Pacific Palisades in 1968. Manson's original song, "Cease to Exist," was turned into "Never Learn Not to Love" and released by The Beach Boys in December, 1968. Like much of the music released in the late 60s, "Cease to Exist" is full of hippie culture ideals, universal love, and the death of not the physical self, but of the ego that prevents one from being one with the universe and your fellow man. Sounds pretty great, right? And then you remember who wrote the song, and who you're listening to, and that changes everything. ~HH