The Horror Honeys: Honey Radio ~ Special Edition ~ NIGHTBREED

Honey Radio ~ Special Edition ~ NIGHTBREED

Welcome to a VERY special edition of Honey Radio!

This week, we welcome the editor of the Director's Cut (2014) of Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED, Andrew Furtado to Honey Radio!

Listen in as we discuss the process of bringing Barker's passion project back from the dead, to rambling about horror film politics and the state of horror... and what horror films make Andrew excited to be an editor.

Check out Andrew Furtado's NIGHTBREED Editing journal here, INCLUDING some of Clive Barker's notes:

"At the end, when Decker dies/falls, let’s cut the music. It there any way we can play this moment out and slow it down? Decker is pure evil. We need to recognize his moment of departure from our world. The music is simply not an exciting cue. I want the fall to mean something. I want us to hang there and feel it. I want to hear his bones break. I want to hear his death sigh in full effect. "

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Check out Andrew's Official-Unofficial Music Video using LOST and unseen footage from Nightbreed HERE!