The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Want to Watch Tippi Hedren Almost Die for Real?

Honey Buzz ~ Want to Watch Tippi Hedren Almost Die for Real?

"Oh, you snuggle wuggle puddin' babies... OWW IT BIT ME!"

In 1981, Tippi Hedren and husband Noel Marshall thought it would be fun to shoot a movie in the presence of over 150 big wild cats, and then let them loose around the crew and their young daughter, Melanie Griffith, and then act shocked when people got mauled. For, you know, real. The result of this synaptic misfire was Roar and the critical disaster/cult classic is finally getting a theatrical re-release courtesy of Drafthouse Films.

Grab your first aid kit and bring the kiddies, because it's time to re-visit one of the biggest shooting disasters in film history!

That lion was later shot by animal control.
Enjoy, kids!

"Now don't bite my daughter. Ok? Ok, lion? AW! COME ON!"
In the early 80s, when it was still cool to fill your house with lions and tigers and cougars and cheetahs and jaguars and leopards and then let your young children frolic with them in the front yard... okay, I lied. That was never okay. Tippi Hedren was an idiot. But anyway. Roar is widely acknowledged to be one of the most injury-plagued film shoots in history, in which the following TRUE and very REAL things happened to cast, crew, and animals:
  • A teenage Melanie Griffith was mauled in the face by a lion, requiring 50 stitches and plastic surgery
  • Cinematographer Jan de Bon was SCALPED by a lion, requiring 120 stitches to sew his SCALP back on
  • AD Doron Kalper was bitten in the THROAT by a lion, who then proceeded to attempt to rip his JAW and EAR off
  • Tippi Hedren was thrown from an elephant's back and broke her leg
  • Tippi Hedren had the back of her head bitten by a lion
  • A massive flood broke a dam and destroyed the set, killing many of the big cats, including the film's lion star, Robbie
  • Robbie was actually shot by law enforcement during the flood, along with three other animals
  • Director Noel Marshall was clawed by a cheetah he was attempting to save when a wildfire broke out and threatened to kill everyone on set
So you know, normal film production things. Could happen to anyone. Thanks, IMDb for that trip through the insanity of two rich people.

In April 2015, those of us who weren't able to catch the spectacle of watching Tippi Hedren get eaten alive by something other than Alfred Hitchcock will be able to do so in theaters, when Roar comes to Drafthouse Cinemas. It will then be released on VOD, DVD, and blu-ray.

Rest assured, at least one Honey will find a way to review it for you. ~Revenge Honey

(Source: IndieWire)