The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ The Walking Dead Season 2B - Watch the first 2 minutes!

Honey Buzz ~ The Walking Dead Season 2B - Watch the first 2 minutes!

The #TWDFamily can finally stop posting meme's of Daryl crying, because The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, February 8th!

Courtesy of AMC, you can check out the first 2 minutes of the mid-season premiere right here!

*Spoilers* ahead for those of you who just shouldn't be reading this article anyway, WTF.

The mid-season premiere catches up with Rick' group as they bury St. Beth - and we find out that Beth was fixin' to go on a little journey to Richmond, Virginia. Apparently there's a settlement there, with walls, and about twenty survivors. The new plan? Head to Virginia.

The 2 minutes AMC presents are poignant as fuck, and there will be more than a few tears shed in this premiere episode.

Things we see: The menfolk, Rick and Glen in particular, making decisions about where the group will travel. Daryl, Carl, Tyreese, Carol, Michonne and Sasha aren't seen, but there's Maggie... crying... in an out of focus shot. Oh, and Judith wailing off camera, the Wilhelm of the zombie apocalypse.

We are also reminded of the group's previous attempts at settlement as the camera pans over an abandoned Woodbury, and a prison watchtower... and a painting of the Greene Farmhouse. Ah, memories of failure.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday! Will you be tuning in?