The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Trailer + Poster for POLTERGEIST 2015

Honey Buzz ~ Trailer + Poster for POLTERGEIST 2015

Before I say anything specific about the trailer, I really really REALLY wish the modern horror movie/TV obsession with the fear of clowns would just die already.

Alright. Yesterday I reported on some casting info and some new photos that were released for Poltergeist 2015.

The poster: The iconic image of angelic Carol Anne in front of the TV which creeped out countless genre fans over the years has been replaced with little Madison standing in front of the closet door where the portal is kept. The goddamn clown doll is sitting nearby waiting for his jump scare closeup.

NOW - on to the trailer. 

What we see: The entire story, obviously. Iconic shots of the hands in the TV, the fucking clown doll that looks like the production commissioned James Wan to paint when he was drunk, a bunch of yelling, and some jump scares. There's also a moment that's vaguely reminiscent of Labyrinth... but I don't know if anyone else will make that connection. Let me know if you do.

#PointsMe - I was right, Jared Harris is the same character he's always been, just close your eyes and it could be Mad Men. *sigh*

I like this poster better.
By adamrabelais on deviantArt 
I have a tendency to NOT trust trailers anymore, especially ones that give away the entire story even though we should all fucking know it by now amirite? From the looks of the trailer, we'll get a backstory on the family acquiring the house, Maidson's disappearance, and then shortcut to "we can't call the police because cray cray" and they wind up in Jared Harris' office and Madison is still missing. Harris does the typical "movie psychic" thing and looks questioningly at the house... majestically and knowingly drinking in the atmosphere while I roll my eyes. Harris knows everything about the history of the housing complex, why everything is for sale... and then I have an Amityville moment and remember that realtors are supposed to disclose anything shitty that happened in the house that's for sale. Does everyone forget about that rule?

Trailers are a funny thing. Anything can be cut to look amazing and scary and whatever to sell the film. Personally? I'm not buying it. I'm willing to bet that the best parts of the film are in the trailer, and that we're in for a disenchanted ride that didn't need to happen in the first place.

Poltergeist hits theatres in July 2015