The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ A NEW Clip for GRIZZLY... or... not. Hm.

Honey Buzz ~ A NEW Clip for GRIZZLY... or... not. Hm.

Impatient Honey Buzz by Lisa

So, basically, I've been wanting to see the film Grizzly since... forever! It's one of those many horror films that keeps getting a title change and a release date change. Why? Who the hell knows. Sometimes movies get shelved because they suck and sometimes they get shelved for other reasons. You're Next is a great example of a film that sat around for years, but not because it sucked. This film had me at Thomas Jane. Plus, I love the idea that one of the characters is deaf. How do you escape a predator when they have a huge advantage over you? 

Some production stills were released back in June, and just in the past few days, a clip of the film surfaced on YouTube, only to have been deleted within a few hours.

What was once known as Red Machine and Endangered is now entitled Grizzly (this is also not to be confused with the 1976 film Grizzly). Written by Jack Reher and directed by Saw V‘s David Hackl, the film stars James Marsden (CYCLOPS), Thomas Jane, Billy Bob Thornton, Piper Perabo, Scott Glenn, Adam Beach, Michaela McManus and Kelly Curran.

"It's not just territorial, it's pissed off..."

The pic centers around two estranged brothers (Marsden, Jane) who reconcile on a camping trip with their girlfriends. Once in the remote wilderness, however, things go horribly awry when they are attacked and relentlessly stalked by a horrifying grizzly bear — the Red Machine.

The release date for Grizzly is set for May 2015 (according to imdb) so we'll have to hold our breaths a little longer on this monster movie.