The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz: Mother Monster is coming to AHS + Title reveal!

Honey Buzz: Mother Monster is coming to AHS + Title reveal!

This morning American Horror Story dropped a bomb that before the Oscars, no one would have given a shit about. Don't lie, it's true. For those of you who are JUST NOW catching on, Lady Gaga is ART and you can't handle it. 

Season 5 of AHS now has a title, and is beginning to build their cast, starting with Mother Monster, Lady Gaga as the first confirmed season regular. The title:  American Horror Story: Hotel.

As our darling Horror TV Honey has pointed out in the past, the interconnection of the AHS series' works in mysterious ways. Those of us who loved Murder House weren't altogether enthused by Asylum, but were back on board for Coven... Those who LOVED Asylum's harder edge and alien byline (seriously, wtf) were unenthused by Coven, but totally got down for the Freakshow.

SO, who is Hotel going to capture? I'm personally hoping for a mix of both camps of AHS fans... and with a hotel, there is a LOT to explore. There are literally hundreds of REAL haunted hotels to use as inspiration. I mean, Inkeepers started that off really well, and Four Rooms... Oh dear. I hope Ryan Murphy isn't going to claim that he's making the first Haunted Hotel/Evil Hotel film. 

Now, what does casting a "pop star" mean for Season 5? The amount of musical numbers in Freakshow was awesome for some people. But, if you were like me, you eyerolled a LOT and it kind of hurt after a while. Coven's casting of Stevie Nicks caused all kinds of spasms for real life witches and flower children at heart, but then she didn't have to act, all she did was sing and be Stevie Nicks, which was amazing, but still... come ON. In Freakshow, iconic songstress Patti LaBelle was cast, but was able to act and then be under-utilized and quickly snuffed out (for shame!).

THR also points out that Gaga's casting is announced as the future of the anthology's traditional leading ladies remains in question. Jessica Lange has repeatedly said that Freak Show would likely be her last go around on AHS. Sarah Paulson is going to be busy on another Ryan Murphy shitstorm anthology, American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson (which still makes me super fucking mad). Emma Roberts who is NOT a star, but is a Murphy favorite for some reason, will be starring in ANOTHER anothology series, Scream Queens, which we're also still pissed off about. However, on the bright side, THR reports that Katy Bates is keen to return, so I'm holding out for that bright spot announcement. 

American Horror Story returns with Hotel in October. Watch this space for more details as they arrive!