The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Horror Anthology HOLIDAYS announced

Honey Buzz ~ Horror Anthology HOLIDAYS announced

Horror anthologies are becoming the new "it girl" of horror, and I'm not complaining. At all. Giving fans access to several unique stories by a mix of directors and filmmakers they might not have had access to? Sign me the fuck up.

Deadline dropped the news this week that Indie production and sales outfit XYZ Films is teaming with John Hegeman’s newly-launched genre label, Distant Corners Entertainment, to produce a new feature anthology, Holidays. Holidays will be a group of horror themed short films using "globally recognized holiday celebrations" as their themes. That means Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Mother’s Day among others will all be getting the horror treatment from an interesting list of directors. 

Deadline (and everyone else reporting it) are stoked that Kevin Smith will be taking one of the shorts (insert eye roll here) but other names on the list that are infinitely more interesting are: Gary Shore (Dracula Untold) and Matt Johnson (The Dirties), Scott Stewart (Dark Skies); Nick McCarthy (The Pact); Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch (Starry Eyes); Sarah Smith (The Midnight Swim); and Anthony Scott Burns (Manifold). 

Color me extra thrilled that at least ONE woman will be involved in this project. Go, equal opportunity. 

Holiday is already in production, so watch for more news as it's announced!