I feel like I've been in an eternal state of hand flapping excitedness over the possibility of Neill Blomkamp and his attachment to a "secret" Alien project. The last few months of Alien related news have been an emotional rollercoaster for fans of the series. It's been kind of a gradual grieving process for the slow death of the original word in Sci-Fi horror...

Stage 1: Denial and Isolation
I refused to believe that Prometheus was the end of an era... I CLUNG with clawed fingers to the last shadowy vestiges of a great director and a great series. Choosing to ignore the Christianity smash that came with Prometheus and instead focusing on the genesis of the Xenomorphs and their role in the story as creator and destroyer... but that was not to last.

Stage 2: Anger
Fuck you, Ridley Scott. I don't think I'll ever NOT be angry about the flippant way he pushed away Alien and all of its success while on his press tour for Exodus: White People in Egypt. If you need a refresher on my freak outs, they're HERE and HERE. Fuck you, Ridley.

Stage 3: Bargaining
I had a moment where I thought that Prometheus 2 wouldn't be so bad. I argued with myself that maybe I hadn't given Sir Scott a fair chance, and that he was a dodgy old fart who was probably being taken out of context... I ignored further interviews, and told myself that he was just working through some personal shit and that he'd figure it all out eventually.

Stage 4: Depression
Neill Blomkamp posted photos on his Instagram that showed stunning concept art for an Alien project that he had been attached to, but that had been put on hold indefinitely. The unapologetically detailed and beautiful pieces of art showed us what could never be for the Alien series. I swear that I felt my Sci-Fi Horror loving heart break in two.

Stage 5: Acceptance
Wait... screw acceptance... Last night, Blomkamp once again took to Instagram to tease a new photo, confirming that the forgotten Alien project was actually going to be his next film. I then recalled a Chappie press tour interview with Sigourney Weaver who said that she was interested in the Alien project... and suddenly everything fell into place. I didn't waste time thinking about the fact that Blomkamp's instagram posts could have been a "tester" to see what the reaction would have been and weigh the merits of funding... I just don't fucking care. Whatever the reason for it, we're actually going to get the Alien sequel we all fucking deserve. Cue all the joyful crying.

Once again... Fuck you, Ridley Scott.