The Horror Honeys: Hardcover Thursday Jam ~ 'Willow's Song'

Hardcover Thursday Jam ~ 'Willow's Song'

Heigh ho! Who is there?
No one but me, my dear.
Please come say, How do?
The things I'll give to you.
By stroke as gentle as a feather
I'll catch a rainbow from the sky
And tie the ends together.

The Wicker Man (the ORIGINAL movie from 1973), stands as one of the creepiest films ever made about a hippie-dippie pagan cult and the lengths to which they'll go to bring their crops back. What many people may not know is that the original film (as well as its sequel and remake) were based on the book Ritual by David Pinner. But what did The Wicker Man have that Pinner's novel didn't, you may ask? Creepy folk music, of course! The whole soundtrack, with songs written by Paul Gionvanni, is like a snapshot of some weird, British nude neo-folk Woodstock that never really happened, and I absolutely love it. But my favorite track will always by "Willow's Song," vocally performed by Annie Ross. The scene may be awkwardly hilarious, but if you listen to the song on its own, it's slightly less so. ~RH