The Horror Honeys: Hardcover Thursday Jam ~ 'Lonely Road'

Hardcover Thursday Jam ~ 'Lonely Road'

I could go with the flow
And just float along
I could chill and get ill
And take hits from the bong
I could go to the movies
By myself and not feel wrong
If mine wasn’t such a lonely song
It seems to me
Man cannot be free
Knowing what he knows

The soundtrack to Alexandre Aja's Horns, based on the novel by Joe Hill, is pretty fucking fabulous. Pixies, David Bowie, EELS, Sunset Rubdown, the music in this film is a brilliant collection of subtle and not-so-subtle songs about the eternal struggle of our own choices between good and evil. It was nearly impossible to pick just one song from Horns (because, seriously... "Where is My Mind"), but in the end, I went with "Lonely Road" by NYC alt-rock band the Shivers, from their album Beaks to the Moon. The song deals with loneliness, right and wrong, and absolute misery, all of which pretty accurately represent Ig's journey in Horns. It also helps that the song is frigging amazing. ~RH