The Horror Honeys: Friday the 13th Honey Jam ~ 'No More Sorry'

Friday the 13th Honey Jam ~ 'No More Sorry'

What happened now
And again
And then again
And again
Loved me black and blue
No more sorry
Flesh and bone
Not alone
You're not alone
Waiting by the telephone
Whatever you do
Don't call daddy

Not only is today Friday the 13th, but it's also the day before Valentine's Day, which is the PERFECT opportunity to feature a song by one of the best alt-rock bands of all time, Dublin's My Bloody Valentine. Any emo or modern punk or alternative rock band you listen to now was heavily influenced by the early work of MBV. Personally, my favorite songs were always sung by Bilinda Butcher, and that's why I picked one of the most anti-love songs ever written by Bilinda for MBV. "No More Sorry" is about not just one abusive relationship, but a lifetimes' worth of them. So if you aren't big on Valentine's Day, but YOU are big on a bloody Friday the 13th, turn the lights down low and plot some revenge to this dark tune... ~RH