The Horror Honeys: Dear Final Girl: Erin from You're Next

Dear Final Girl: Erin from You're Next

A Slasher Honey Love Letter by Chassity

Dear Erin,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how happy I was when you made your way to my horror movie knowledge. It had been so very long since I’ve had a Final Girl to fall in love with. Generations that came before me had their Sally, their Nancy, their Alice, their Laurie. The closest I’ve had; the only Final Girl of my own time that I’ve admired, has been Sidney Prescott. And I have loved her since late 90s. But I’ll admit that I was ready for something new. I’ve been waiting for something new, for a new, butt-kicking, strong, fearless Final Girl. 

And then you came along. 

It was like love at first sight. You, Erin, are unlike any Final Girl I’ve witnessed in my entire life.  Unlike the Final Girls of decades past, you had some flair and attitude. You weren't reserved and retiring. You didn’t stumble your way into success and strength; you were already strong and those paid home invaders never stood a chance against you. They just simply were no match. 

My favorite thing about you, Erin, is not just that you were a refreshing new generation Final Girl. It’s that you never even hesitated to take charge; you never stood around waiting for the guys to try to rescue you first. As soon as that first attack at the dinner table took place, you stepped up as a leader and took complete control, barking out orders with a kind heart, a strong spirit, and a knowledgeable mind. 

Here are just a few of the things I learned from you: 

- Final Girls don’t have to be mousy or meek or annoyingly boring and innocent. You had sex, yet survived. You were sexy, and that didn’t make you a bad person. You weren’t waiting to be rescued; you were too busy rescuing everyone else.  You taught us that it is okay for Final Girls to be that way. 

- Final Girls don’t just luck into the role. It’s not just a default that gets assigned to the girl who has the least amount of sex, who doesn’t smoke, and who drinks the least amount.  You taught us that it is something that has to be earned. And earn it you did, with your intelligence, survival skill, and courageous leadership. 

- People in horror movies can actually have morals, too. You could have easily forgiven your murderous boyfriend the sake of that money, or pretended to forgive him, take his share of the money, and kill him later. But you annihilated him for his treachery right then and there. (Oh, and it’s pretty cool how kickass you were in not becoming a sobbing, blubbering mess in doing so.)

- Your knowledge taught me how to be an adult version of Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. In other words, thanks to you I’ve got some bright ideas on how to handle any jerks who get the bright idea to try to invade my home. 

- Sometimes it’s okay for Final Girls to do more than fight back; they can take control and become the aggressor; the predator. You were practically three steps ahead of the hired invaders for most of the movie, and eventually you stopped waiting to defend yourself and took them on head on, As a supporter of strong females, I so admire your sending the message that Final Girls don’t have to just wait for attackers and let them control fate; we can seek them out and completely turn the tables. 

So thank you for being an awesome Final Girl of a new generation. Let’s hope that this brings on a resurgence of the powerful Final Girl, but in an even better, new and improved way. 

Keep kicking ass, Erin. 
Love, Chassity