The Horror Honeys: Comics Review: Only Human

Comics Review: Only Human

A Guest Honey Review by Valerie

Only Human: Man-made Zombies Of A Desolate Future

“It’s been a year since the Super Plague outbreak. Hundreds of thousands were wiped out. The threat has been contained thanks to Pharma Industries’ “Miracle Cure.” But the cure came with a price. People aren’t themselves anymore. A modernized zombie threat now looms over humanity as a ruthless dictator (Gretta Reid) will stop at nothing until she achieves world domination. The fate of the world lies on the shoulders of our two unlikely heroes: a 12-year-old make-believe ninja (Wesley), and a 28-year-old amateur detective (Fisher).”

That is the synopsis of the Zombie comic series Only Human created by Joseph A. Michael. I had the pleasure of reading volume 1, issues 0 & 1 of the Only Human series for review, and I will say it is quite the adventure!

The series starts off strong by setting the tone for what reader is going to see. This is post apocalyptic San Francisco after the “super plague” has rained down on America, instantly killing millions. The humans that have somehow dodged this plague are now required to receive a super plague vaccine. This vaccine is supposed to protect them from falling victim to what remains of the super plague. At least, that’s what the reader is lead to believe.

The main protagonists, Wesley and Fisher, are likable characters. The reader follows them on their journey from their “normal lives,” to a life of chaos. We get inside their heads a bit so the reader can get an idea of who they really are. Although, there is a big age difference between the two protagonists, their lives mirror one another. There is an internal consistency to the way each person behaves, so the way things are written make sense in the universe the reader is dealt. What makes this story most intriguing is this is not necessarily a story dealing with the undead. The Zombies are -- manufactured in a sense. The main antagonist, Gretta Reed, is responsible for the zombification of

Her exact reasons or rise to power is not yet revealed, but it did leave me wanting to know more about her character and her quest for world domination.

Across both issues the suspense is built well, but, one of the challenges for me as a reader is that the story arc seems to be a bit scattered. By issue 1, we are stuck between Wesley and Fischer's character development, finding out more about this plague, Gretta Reed and her reasoning. It seemed like too much information and not enough explanation. Again, the characters are likable, even if I wasn't always sure of their objective or motives.

The art differs from issue 0 to issue 1.

Of course this is normal in comics, however, the difference is so noticeable it took me out of the story a bit. Issue 0 has a dark, gritty realism to it. The cover is a stunning attention grabber. Which helps contribute to the atmosphere. In Issue 1, the art throughout is vibrant and playful, but also appeared very cartoonish. I will say both styles are beautiful in their own way. I just preferred one style over the other.

Overall, I think Only Human is off to a great start! There is a solid origin story, and is seemingly moving in the right direction. 

If there is one thing I have learned by reading these two issues is: Sometimes humans are the real monsters.

Rating: B
Guest Honey Valerie Greene is a freelance writer, director, and film editor. She writes for several movie and entertainment websites, and she has worked on such independent films as King Of Woodhaven, and Wait In Room 219. You can find her work at the following sites: