The Horror Honeys: 6/6/6 with Lori Bowen

6/6/6 with Lori Bowen

A Guest Honey Interview

Lori Bowen has been making wickedly delicious short films including 2011's award-winning Justus, Stella Buio featuring Linnea Quigley, and the most recent I am Monster. I asked her 6/6/6 questions and here are her answers.

1. What's the first horror film you ever saw and what was your reaction?
Cujo and it terrified me. It was the mid-80s and my mom and I were visiting some friends of hers and their (much older) kids were watching the film. I was about the same age as the boy in the film and, at the time, lived in an area very similar to where Tad and his family lived. My mom explained that it was all fake and that the cute fluffy puppy was not going to bite my face off and went one step further by talking to me about special effects and that sort of thing. I was fascinated that people could make these things and wanted to make these things and that eased my fears of the movie. I still have a visceral reaction to St. Bernards, though...

Stella Buio BTS  -- from left is Lori Bowen, Janine Nunnery, Wheat.
Photo: Shawn Bowen
2. What's a surprising fact about you?
People are surprised (and sometimes horrified) that I don't smoke, I don't drink, and I don't do drugs. I'm not straight edge and I have no problem with people who do any of that, just don't force it on me and don't put me or my loved ones in danger. Oh, also…I don't drink coffee. Or tea. 

From left - Jim Kunz, Brian Davis, Lori Bowen, Shannon Lark.
Photo: Amanda Duchow
3. What is the last book you read?
Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo

4. Do you have any "on set" traditions?
We're usually going too fast to have a set tradition, but we actually had time for rehearsals before we shot Stella Buio and I am Monster and that is something I'd like to make a tradition! When I'm on set, I'm constantly moving and constantly busy. On Stella Buio, I didn't sleep for three days and on I am Monster, I only really had time to go to the bathroom twice while we were shooting at Linda Vista. And eating? Forget about it!

Stella Buio BTS  - from left is Wheat, Linnea Quigley,
Lori Bowen, Lance Flint.
Photo - Shawn Bowen
5. What influenced you to become a film director?
Two years after The Cujo Incident I saw A Nightmare on Elm Street and it changed everything for me. While I'd always had an interest in writing, I decided that I would become an actress and work with Heather Langenkamp. I got into the radio/TV/film course at the local performing arts high school and not only was horror looked down on by the teachers (and everyone else, really…we all know how society feels about the genre), it was made clear that women don't direct horror. The internet then wasn't what it is now so I simply didn't know.

I tried to fit in and write comedies and dramas and all of that, but I finished so few of those scripts because every word felt hollow and uninteresting. Then, I wrote my first genre film and felt like I'd come home. Soon after, I realized that it was stupid to listen to them and started directing horror films.

I am still determined to work with Heather Langenkamp, too.

6. What is a hobby/leisure activity of yours that we might not guess?
Photography, but I think that's kind of easy to guess. I don't claim to be a professional or anything, I just love taking pictures. I do the cinematography for most of my films, too.

6 favorite horror films
Oh…oh, dear. This is really tough and constantly changes, but…in no particular order:
1. The Gates of Hell / City of the Living Dead by Lucio Fulci
2. A Nightmare on Elm Street by Wes Craven
3. In My Skin by Marina de Van
4. The Mist by Frank Darabont (black and white all the way)
5. The Fall by Tarsem Signh
6. Near Dark by Kathryn Bigelow

6 interesting things about your recent projects
 from left - Jeff Dylan Graham's back, Lori Bowen, and
Brian Davis operating the camera.
Photo- Amanda Duchow
1. Stella Buio was shot day-for-night (as well as through the actual night) to maximize our time on location.
2. For I am Monster, we only had the morgue location for 24 hours total (that's load in, load out, shoot, strike…everything) and had approximately 70 set-ups to get. Other than some insert shots and one thing we decided to reshoot, we got everything we needed.
3. Stella Buio had six crew members, three of whom were special effects people. I am Monster had twelve crew (including Shannon and I) and we even had a student PA.
4. The dress that Shannon Lark wears in I am Monster is one-of-a-kind and is made of both semi-transparent and black latex. It was purchased from Syren in Los Angeles. Other than her head and arms and a low cut scoop at the back, the dress covers her from her neck to her ankles. 
5. I realized on set that the way I kill off Linnea Quigley's character in Stella Buio is similar to how Trash dies in Return of the Living Dead. When I mentioned it, Linnea said, "Who cares?! It works!" 
6. I'm currently in development on three features.

To find out more about Lori Bowen and her films check out the links below. You won't be disappointed. 

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