The Horror Honeys: 6/6/6 with Karen Lam

6/6/6 with Karen Lam

A Signature Guest Honey 6/6/6 Interview by Tonjia Atomic

After seeing the short and bloody film Doll Parts I became a huge fan of Karen Lam. Her films are dreamlike, eerie, and surreal. Here is a little glimpse into her world.

1. Your films have a surrealistic quality that invokes fairy tales and mythology. Can you tell us a little more about this and what has influenced your work in this way?

 I love fairy tales and dark fantasy, and I like my horror with a good dose of the surreal. My dad used to tell me fairy tales, often ones he made up or remembered from his own childhood. Later, I minored in Comparative Religion for my undergrad degree, which had a huge mythology component. To me, myths and fairytales tap into real human truths. It's where we can explore dark subjects in a safer way.
2. What is your favorite meal to cook and share with others?

I love roast chicken or turkey, even though I'm a baker at heart. There's something grand about serving a whole carcass.

3. When creating Doll Parts did you envision a feature film from that or was that an idea that came later?

"Doll Parts" was written as a standalone short film idea. It wasn't until I was finished that I thought there was more to the story, which led to "Evangeline."

4. What is an unusual fact about you?

I love the opera. There's nothing like dying of consumption, just after belting out a soul-crushing aria. I also love Broadway shows.

5. You have many hats including writer, director, and producer. What's your favorite role and why?

I love writing, directing and producing, each for different reasons. And when I'm doing the one job, I can't imagine doing the others. That said, I'm leaning more and more toward directing, although I'm currently back in writing mode.

6. Do you have any rituals/traditions when it comes to either writing or directing and if so what?

My new ritual for writing is just doing it 90 minutes a day, come hell or high water. It doesn't matter that I can write more, it's about the ritual of doing something daily. No traditions or rituals for directing: every day is too different and you have to go with the flow.

Please list your 6 favorite fairy tales:

- The Goose Girl
- The Little Matchgirl
- The Tinderbox
-  The Little Mermaid (not the Disney version!)
-  All-Fur

Please list 6 things about a current or upcoming project:

- I'm exploring artist block in a supernatural context in one of my feature films. It's like giallo-Iite.
- I am trying to wrap my head around green-screen, 3D, motion capture in a new sci-fi short that I didn't write. 
-I'm moving into dark fantasy and a dystopia feature film for a Japanese producer.
- I have adapted a short story for an anthology for a well-known Connecticut horror writer, and hope I can do more adaptations. I love collaborating with other writers. 
- There's an Asian-themed short film that I just wrote, which is also new for me since I've never done anything set in the Chinese culture.

Can't get enough of Karen? Learn more about her and her films on her website.

Tonjia Atomic is a frequent Guest Honey contributor and is a filmmaker, musician, and freelance writer. You can find out more about her at www.tonjiaatomic.comor connect at Twitter!