The Horror Honeys: 6/6/6 with Jessi Gotta

6/6/6 with Jessi Gotta

A Guest Honey 6/6/6 from Tonjia Atomic

I first became aware of Jessi Gotta when her film, The Big Bad, was in the same festival as one of my own films. The Big Bad caught my attention. I knew it was a must see, and I wasn't disappointed.

Photo credit: Marc Landers

1. The Big Bad is so original. Was that something that was intended or
did that happen organically?
It was definitely intended, but never forced.  Bryan Enk, my gotta/enk films co-creator, and I had been annoyed by all of the bad remakes of good horror films that been coming out at the time.  We just wanted to do something new.   And from that, The Big Bad was born.

2. Do you have a favorite horror villain?
Damn, I have so many favorite villains!  But ok, fine, I’ll commit…
Bob from "Twin Peaks."  That creepy bastard scares the crap out of me
in the most delightful way.

3. What inspired the idea for They Will Outlive Us All?
Right as Hurricane Sandy hit NY & NJ my gotta/enk cohort Bryan Enk (who is co-story on TWOLUA) sent me an old script of his that inspired me.  But Sandy itself really fueled the fire.  Luckily my apartment was in a safe zone, a mere few blocks away got flooded.

You get very used to being surrounded by hundreds of people at a time, but during Sandy, poof, the streets were empty.  It was eerie as hell.

The city was shut down - no trains, no cars.  Everyone was pretty much trapped.  And then the media started reporting how this same level storm could keep hitting the city annually.  That cinched it.

4. What is a surprising fact about you?
I was a military brat and when I was really little we lived in Okinawa, Japan.  We lived off base, and by playing with the kids on my street I became fluent in Japanese.  I didn’t even realize it at the time!  When we would run errands in town, my mom would try to explain what she needed and it always boiled down to both parties using extreme hand gestures and lots of pointing.  And I would think, “Why doesn’t mom know what they are saying?”

What sucks is that I can barely remember a word of it.

Photo credit: Daniel Geoghegan (behind the scenes)

5. When you make a film you are personally involved from just about
beginning to end. What's your favorite part of the filmmaking process?
It’s a tie…I love writing the script and I have a deep love/hate
relationship with the editing process.

6. Filmmaking is typically very difficult. What has been rewarding for you?
I simply love seeing a project through to the end.  It’s rewarding to be there at every step… watch it grow, evolve, become something - even if it is very different from what you thought it was going to be…especially if it is different from what you thought it was going to be.

They Will Outlive Us All - film still
Photo credit: Phil Shearer

Name 6 favorite horror films:

This list was nearly impossible to narrow down. I have way too many favorites.

-Halloween (the original)
-John Carpenter’s The Thing
-Fire Walk with Me
-The Innkeepers
-The Shining
-Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original)

Name 6 things about an upcoming or recent project:

- From writing the script to picture lock, THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL, was completed in less than 7 months.

- We lost our sound designer at the very last minute… as we were lamenting this loss at our editor and executive producers’ apartment, their roommate chimed in and said he had an old friend who he thought might be doing sound design… he contacted him that night and BOOM we
were saved!

- The 2 apartments featured in THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL are actually the same place; it’s a railroad apartment with 2 entrances.

- The basement location in THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL is actually the basement of a Doctor Who themed bar in Brooklyn called The Way Station.

Jessi Gotta - Photo credit: Patrick Eves

- As we left load in, our FX bug was accidentally left on the curb next to the garbage.  We didn’t realize it was missing until well after we left.  It was found unscathed, but we all had mild heart attacks waiting to hear if it was safe.

- And…I’m still finishing the script, but it looks like the next project is a gothic horror film that follows the bloodline of one particularly disturbed family over the course a hundred years...I can’t wait!

Thanks Jessi! I can't wait to see these finished projects. Until then you can find out more about Jessi and her films at the links below:


Photo credit: Daniel Geoghegan (cast and crew screening)

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